All Aboard the Big, Blue Bus: A Comedy of Errors and Aging in the Andes

Too wonderful to not share. Kathryn and Sara you Rock!

Kathryn M. McCullough

Here in Ecuador, at least in my mountain town, public transit is a great equalizer, bringing together generations and social classes, Ecuadorians and ex-pats, alike. The buses of Cuenca connect, not only neighborhoods, not only people and places, but entire populations, as well—uniting them on a common journey, if only for a few minutes each day.

Most folks in Cuenca, rich or poor, young or old, ride the big blue buses that pass along streets, large and small, every five minutes or so.


No need to worry about missing one.  Another will be along shortly.  And the ride will cost you 25 cents, a whole 12 cents, if you’re a senior.

Though it may not be as important to the culture as the subway is to New York City, Cuenca’s system of public transportation far surpasses what’s available in Little Rock, Arkansas or Lexington, Kentucky—and the city will soon have light rail service, as…

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2 thoughts on “All Aboard the Big, Blue Bus: A Comedy of Errors and Aging in the Andes”

  1. Oh, Chris, how great to hear from you–and thank you so much for sharing my post with your readers. We love Ecuador. We feel at home. And that ROCKS–as do YOU, my friend!

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