Creativity takes a swerve

I have been wonderfully busy these last few weeks – being creative that is – however none of it is writing.  I have done a lot of thinking about writing and spent some time pondering if there are any new stories to tell.  Of course there are.  New twists and turns to entangle the mind of the reader in a web of intrigue and interest.

I have not come to any great conclusions because after all there might not be any great conclusions at least for my mind, in the here and now.  So I took my focus elsewhere and the idea was to create something that required concentration and to complete the task (I am a great non completer).

We took walks
We took walks











All of us
All of us
I began to knit - fancy dancey scarves like this
I began to knit – fancy dancey scarves like this
2 aran knit sweaters for the boys
2 aran knit sweaters for the boys
a boy a bike and a spanking brand new sweater
a boy a bike and a spanking brand new sweater

Creativity thrives and now as I am almost finished the last sweater I will do for awhile (it is for a 95 year old friend – so I must not dally), it is time to think about words, stories, and adventures.   Have a wonderful weekend all!



20 thoughts on “Creativity takes a swerve”

  1. You are very clever knitting those lovely aran sweaters for the boys, and they reminded me of my mother who used to do the same for us when we were kids, and then for the grandkids as they came along. She knitted one for me as an adult, and I still have it to this day – they last forever!
    Time spent out walking with family or friends is always so special I find.

  2. Your knitting is wonderful. Love the fancy dancy scarf! I never learned how to knit. My mom was left handed and I was not ,so it just didn’t work when she tried to teach me. For years I sewed most of my own clothes though incuding business suits.

  3. I do understand about the not completing thing, i am SO like that. And now you have completed that two fantastic sweaters and one more to come. I am sure your old friend will be so grateful, real knitted jerseys are so much warmer! c

    1. Hi C- I read you would like a jumper made from your wool and my first thought is I would love to do it – BUT- sending wool across the border would cost because you would have to pay this stupid HST tax we have and then am not sure if there are additional costs for me to send it back to you. But if you have a pattern in mind or a look I could see what I could do.

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