11-11-11 The Game is Afoot Part 2 and an invitation

In my previous post I started playing a challenge sent to me by my friend Georgette Sullins.  It has been ages since I have had so much fun!  Next comes 11 questions Georgette sent to me and then I pose 11 for you!

Georgette’s Questions

Did you have a cousin close in age to you?  Not only did I but I do.   Both paternal and maternal sides of the family provided a plethora of cousins but my favorite lives in Scotland.  Edinburgh to be exact.  Her mother and my mother were identical twins and it was a strange feeling when I visited her to see photos of her mom who looked exactly like mine in her childhood.  The two sisters lived 3,000 mi apart and saw each other rarely (twice that I know of), and their hairstyles and even the style of glasses they wore were so exact it was eerie.  R was born 4 days before me so she is actually the eldest but the moment I met her I felt a link, a connection I could not define.  She has been called my ‘mini me’ because apparently we are similar but she is far more petite than I, hence she gets the ‘mini’ designation.  Need I say she is beauty and grace with a delightful humor and the same appreciation for a good pun as I?

What was the first novel that transported you?  I started reading quite young and practically inhaled every story I read.  One of the very first series of books I read was called, ‘Uncle Arthur’s Bedtime Stories’ which was terribly frightening to me as a child and I posted way back when on the subject here.  But the very first author I read who made a little girl understand something about life in distant lands was Pear S. Buck who lived much of her young life in China.  She wrote so many books that I cannot remember the first one, but thinking about it now I think I will revisit her.

Is the work you do to pay the bills a passion or practical?  Ah the work I do now since I am ‘retired’ is for love not money (minds out of the gutter some of you 🙂 I help with the raising of my grandsons).  For 43 years I was a nurse and it was a passion.  It wasn’t something I planned – it just seemed to happen – but it was in my blood, it was my identity.  During those years I worked in acute care – ICUs, medicine, surgery, supervisor, manager, Long Term Care, bedside nurse, director, instructor… I used to be good, well better than good, then with changes and aging I was no longer effective or good.  One must know when it is time to disembark from a great ride.  Before nursing I worked through school as a cashier, laundress and in a factory.  My definitive answer would have to be that every thing I have worked at has been a passion.  I have loved it all and continue to love it all.  I think part of it is that I believe that I am always somewhere I need to be even if I cannot see the reason for it at the time.  Maybe I should say that I have faith that I have been in a particular place at a particular time for a reason.

Do you have a favorite country western song?  If so, which is it?  Well it sure is not hard to answer this one.  I love every kind of music but country is my fave.  In my younger years my world from the age of 15 on was classical, then my grandfather died in 1980.  His was the first death (though certainly not the last over the next six years) and I missed him.  His favorite was country and I began to listen to it because it made me feel closer to him.  My friends and I are now very hooked on all types of country and of course I have posted many times on the best country place ever, The Commercial in Maryhill and Paul Weber .  Best country song oh could be so many but if I have to choose, this exact moment I’d have to go with Johnny and June Cash ‘Jackson”.

If you could (or do) grow a garden would there be flowers or vegetables to fill it? Easy peasy this question as my garden would be filled with vegetables.  Flowers are nice but for the most part you can’t, or shouldn’t eat them.  Long time ago when I bought my first house the whole backyard was garden and when spring came I eagerly prepared it, planted it and waited for the gastronomic treasures.  Now working long hours and never having gardened before I didn’t realize how much weeding had to be done, and when the vegetables were ready, it didn’t matter how tired I was from work, I had to prepare them at peak.  I did learn after that to have a much smaller garden.  Vegetables.  Definitely. Yum!

What would you like to see in the US that you haven’t seen yet? Or abroad? I have been to a few parts of the USA and lived in Texas for a couple of years but one place I have not been and would like to is The Grand Canyon.  There is no great draw to go abroad except for Scotland although I would like to see the Mediterranean.

Have you ever caught a fish?  If so, tell us about it.  I caught a fish – once.  My sister and her husband are the avid fisher folk of this family.  But once when I was twelve or thirteen my family had gone to a cottage up north.  There I joined some kids fishing off a large rock.  I did catch a fish – mmm about a whole inch or two long and was horrified to be shown what to do with it.  Yuch!  The only fish I catch now are served on a plate.

What’s your favorite breakfast, lunch or dinner meal?  Mmmmmm this could be a very long answer but I will restrain myself.  Breakfast – omelettes, toast, bacon, or..or.., Lunch – garden salad, turkey apple cheddar sandwich, Dinner – filet mignon medium rare, baked potatoe with all the trimmings, pan fried mushrooms, asparagus, creme broulee, fine wines, uh oh better stop here!

Have you been surprised recently?  What surprised you?  When? Hmmm – I have been surprised – now what the heck was it?  I would like to say that at my senior stage and all the wisdom I accumulated that nothing surprises me but that would be hogwash.  I am surprised every day.  I look at myself and consider my folks who died younger than I am now and thought them old at the time, that I am amazed at how much life I have, how much enjoyment and vitality of life I have.  Then I look in the mirror and see the sagging here and there, deeper wrinkles and am surprised that I don’t feel ‘old’.  At least most of the time.  I am continually surprised that friends and family who truly love me, do so as I come to term with my frailties of character.  I am surprised and enthusiastic that no matter what age we are there is a thrill in continuing to learn.  I am surprised to discover that most of what we considered important in the past is really not.

What is a state you have never traveled to, but you plan to visit someday?  I have not spent much time in Maine but there seems to be a draw for me there.

  Is there a 2012, 2013 movie you would recommend?  I can’t say there is.  I love movies but seldom go to a movie.  I love the experience of ‘going’ to a movie’ with its sounds, smells and treats.  If I were to choose, it would be Argo and Lincoln.  Argo – because I remember the incident and Lincoln just out of curiousity to see how it is treated.

Now comes the part where I am supposed to list people I tag, and while I will  do that I would very much like to invite anyone who reads this and wants to spend a little fun time in their head to play and then put your link in my comments if you wish to.  To those who would like to play but cannot at this moment I hope you will remember this challenge and take part when the time is right.

Mark Pakulak my favorite idiot – come on down!

Lenore Diane come on down!

Tricia our domestic fringe – come on down!

Celi if you have time from your Lamb care – come on down!

Carl if you want to make us smile with this one – come on down! (we would never rejuect you!)

Enchanted Please do come on down! So we can be your company for now!

**I have so many more to add but just got notice my server stopped working so have to stop and try to publish as is……

****** I was in such a hurry to post before it shut down I did not post 11 new questions but I love the ones I was asked, so please use those!

15 thoughts on “11-11-11 The Game is Afoot Part 2 and an invitation”

  1. I don’t like giving answers, but certainly enjoyed reading yours. What fun to have a cousin your age… And in Scotland, yet! I remember reading Pearl Buck, too, not because I’d ever heard of her, but because my mother had her books. I also read Taylor Caldwell’s for the same reason.

    Maine! I’d love to go! Definitely not in winter.

  2. How fun to be the child of an identical twin. I say that, because my uncle (who just died) has a twin sister. Both have children, and I never thought about what it would be like to grow up with a twin as a parent. I have several twin friends, and I do see how their bonds make for close family ties. What a blessing.

    Maine. Yes, go explore Maine. The State of Maine has so much to offer.

    I enjoyed learning more about you Chris. Am I to answer these same questions, or will you post new questions at some point?

    1. Hi Lenore – yes do answer the same question. s please. It has taken me a bit to get back to catching up. I rather like the getting up early thing – which was a one time thing for me this morning but does give time to look after comments etc.

  3. I loved this, Chris, but most of all I loved the fact that nursing was your passion: it was ‘in your blood’. I think doing what you are a natural at is a passport to happiness.

    1. Thanks Kate. I am struggling a bit with what or who I should be since retirement. Not sure what my next gig is but getting a bit restless waiting for it. I don’t want to be a retiree with no purpose. I still feel there is a lot for me to do yet 🙂

  4. You are having fun and i would love to play but you are right, with two hourly feedings in the freezing cold, I am not even sure of the time of day at the moment!! But your answers were a great read!! have fun.. c

  5. Loved your answers! That was a post in itself! Pearl Buck. I’m probably the only person in the world who hasn’t read her books. I must read her soon.
    Glad you like country western. I would agree with you among the kings of country would be Johnny Cash. What a voice!

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