I Worry

It’s cold here in Southern Ontario. Nothing ‘southern’ about this -11C (12.2F) sunny day here.

I worry about children who went to school not warmly dressed, about the homeless, about small animals left outside, on a day like this.

I am grateful for everything I have that keeps me and mine warm.

It is so cold….’how cold is it? Below are photos I just took. The dryer is on and as the warm air flows out of the vent the air cools it so quickly that the moisture cloud freezes immediately on the ground and the door.

Jan 22 2013 001                               Jan 22 2013 002BRRRRRRRR!

Of course a few days ago it reached 15 C (59F) which felt like summer to us Canucks.  The perfect environment to spawn a new wave of colds and coughs, which right this moment afflicts me.

Winds are 44 – 54 km per hour ( 25-30 mph) in some places and at least one highway has been closed down.  We have a few more days of ‘arctic air.  Bundle up everyone.  To my friends in warmer climes —ENJOY!

19 thoughts on “I Worry”

  1. I think we qualify as being in warmer climes. We are hovering around freezing, here, and very sorry for ourselves we feel because of it 🙂 It does make you wonder how people in Siberia manage…

  2. here in BG it has been 22 today, blue sky and very warm…in comparison last year..same time it was -22 and my fingers were sticking to the handle of the spade when I cleaned the donkeys out…but I do feel for those poor animals left out in the cold.

  3. I also worry about the homeless, people without the where-with-all to get themselves to a shelter.. they must be dreadfully cold where you are and up in chicago.. Sometimes I imagine i will walk down the roads of chicago with scarves or blankets, but i never have.. shame on me really.. we are so lucky.. c

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