Parents Are People Too

Think you don’t break the law?  Think again, your children are watching you.



First some thoughts and then some tips.  To a parent it doesn’t mean too much. Lie about a kid’s age to pay a bit less.  Brag about not getting caught speeding.  Slip through a stop sign.  Take a sample grape or two in the grocery store.  Litter.  A clerk under charges you, you say nothing, but comment later on your good luck.  Many take these little adventures into breaking the law, without thinking.  After all most are misdemeanors at best and generally, not even that.

Here are some bigger ones: teaching your kid to drive before he can barely reach the pedals.

Even bigger – having an unlicensed gun in you house; yes, sad to say some parents are guilty of that and don’t keep it a secret or worse ask the kids to…

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  1. Kids might look like they’re not listening or have selective hearing but they take it all in 🙂 ……. btw ..I and my computer have both been receiving care and attention and I am pleased to say I can now read and comment again. Long may it last…….

  2. So grateful for the reblog. I know we all go break the little laws–I speed and much to my husband’s chagrin have garnered only one speeding ticket in my life time. He taught me sons to drive as soon as the could reach the pedals much against my wishes and one repaid him be sneaking out one night and going for a joy ride that ended with a minor crash. The kid worked a year to pay us for the repairs. I learned from several friends that this was what many kids were doing. Life went on, lessons learned.

    Thank you again. Kat

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