Daily Prompt: What is the 11th item on your bucket list? Nicholson and Freeman

Cover of "The Bucket List"
Cover of The Bucket List

When Jack Nicholson and Morgan Freeman starred in the movie The Bucket List society pulled one of their ‘HEY lets grab on to these words because its s.o darn cute and lets assume everyone needs to at least pretend they have a bucket list, and then let’s just say the words repeatedly even if we have to force it into conversation.  The same thing happened with the use of Paradigm or rather the overuse of it.  Another word over used currently is Meme.

The idea of a bucket list is fine but it just doesn’t excite everyone and what happens is that those who don’t have a list but want to fit in are forced to make a list.  And making a list of ten things (who the heck decided 10 was the magic number anyway?) can be taxing on one’s inners – souls, psyches etc etc etc….  Then at least nine things are listed that you don’t really ever want to do but you must be able to produce to be ‘acceptable’.  Then of course you start to feel guilty that you really don’t want to do any of them.  Then comes the challenge of adding Mystique.  At least one item must be nefarious, vague, baffling to an outsider and requiring explanation such as ‘Kiss the most beautiful girl in the world. as Nicholson eventually did.  To make the  list indeed a list then you must add a total of ten to fit in.

I loved the movie.  I love the idea of lists – if they work for you.  If making a list and then actually going and completing tasks and stroking off work for you then that is wonderful.

It doesn’t work quite that way for me.  I have faced my mortality and the best I could do at that time was to express immense gratitude for waking up and still be breathing.  I have no far away lands drawing me, no great adventures calling.

I love how some self important people no longer talk at great length about Bucket Lists, they just slip it into conversation, ‘Oh yes we completed our trip around the moon.  It was after all the fourth item on our bucket list.’  Soft, subtle, but just a wee bit of an air of that old monster conceit.

It’s strange that I truly admire and envy those who not only embrace A Bucket list but who also do check things off.  We all search for what we think we are looking for or should be looking for and for me these days it seems to be more of an inward search rather than external targets.

So what is my 11th item on my bucket list?

Beats me.  I would rather read about yours!

14 thoughts on “Daily Prompt: What is the 11th item on your bucket list? Nicholson and Freeman”

  1. I understand what you mean…….
    my list is not exactly could be considered as a bucket list.. 😀
    it is just a list 😀
    Since I was young, as far as I remember, I enjoyed making lists…..
    I am that kind of person..
    And that list of mine is more like things I am interested in 😀
    You can get a lot about my personality from it..
    That lists reminds me of what I strive to do or what makes me happy… when I am down and depressed.. I go back and look at it… and cheers me up 😀
    Thanks for tagging me into your post

  2. Think I am going to kick my bucket list–well not really. No but I do think I will rant abit at some point on my blog about this. I have always had a wish or want to do list and it is long because it runs from getting a new toaster – finally did that – to wanting to cruise around the world picking up and meeting all my internet friends – probably won’t happen but is fun. Thank you for this one and stay strong.

    1. Oh Katherine I am so glad to see your words! A few months ago I took all my folk faves and put them in my reader list thinking it would be better than getting each post emailed but it isn’t so am glad I have you back on my email!! Happy New Year!

  3. I kind of feel like Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz. She certainly visited farflung places, met incredible creatures and then discovered “There’s no place like home.” I was so fortunate to travel, see, do earlier in my life, I’m quite content to write about it now. In fact my “I’ve never been to …” series was probably sort of a non bucket list. I can identify with your #11 as I watch our girls and grandchildren move through life.

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