Can a Child be Too Bright?

Irene Ryan
Irene Ryan (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Grandparenthood is a wonderful thing to be blessed with.  You get to observe and plump up your peacock bragging feathers at every brilliant word that falls from tiny mouths as though their brilliance is somehow a direct result of your genetic presence.  Somehow it is a time for wonderment and while you are pretty sure your own children went through the same development you were too busy working, cleaning, teaching, disciplining and just generally being a parent.  Observation and contemplation of small miracles are definitely a bonus when one considers your offspring’s offspring.

I have mentioned previously G2’s commentary on life and living and learning.  One of my faves of course is when his older brother taught him to never say the ‘F’ word and he didn’t even know what that particular word was but you got a scolding if you used the letter in any word until one he proclaimed, Granny fish begins with F and you can say it!’

I have noticed just how keen his observation skills are, rapidly developing, whilst my seem to be declining.

Granny (Looney Tunes)
Granny (Looney Tunes) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

So – we were in the car the other day and I noticed a woman walking down the street and as we passed I noticed her tired looking too blonde dye job, her slight gimpy walk and thought that she generally looked weary and more round than lean.

As we rounded a corner G2 shouts out excitedly – Granny did you see that lady?  She looks just like you.  SHE has your face and everything!

Of course this is the same child that looked at a pic in a magazine that showed a very attractive young female standing next to a seated very elderly lady.  Jokingly I asked him if the beautiful woman looked like me and very seriously he said no and pointed to the very ancient, must have been 90 lady and said that’s you Granny!

30 thoughts on “Can a Child be Too Bright?”

    1. I think the little pitchers “have big ears” and children should be seen and not heard HF…I just can’t figure out why we gave that whole idea up. Nothing wrong with quiet pitchers or children. It’s like we gave them the right to free speech about 10 years too early!

  1. You’ve got to love them. My grandson stayed over night when he was ten. After washing my face, I went to tuck him in. He said, “You look totally different without your make up Gramma.” I didn’t even ask if it was better or worse.

  2. Kids say the darndest things, don’t they? It just spills from their little mouths, never a thought for the recipient – family or not!
    Thanks for the belly laugh, Chris!

  3. Hilarious Chris! I’m just glad my kids have learned to filter. OS#2 used to request that before I showed up at school “Please make your hair straight and wear that pretty blue eye make up” OS#1 was ok with me at school as long as I didn’t laugh.

  4. Hahahahahahahahahaha! I had to stop eating my lunch to laugh. 🙂 Your G’s are sooooo funny. I can laugh because I am waiting for these pearls of joy to be forth coming from the wee ones. You know you DON’T look like that to them. In their eyes you are either like them, or not. And we are all in the “not” category. 🙂

  5. Oh NO! What to say. the child obviously needs glasses.. haul him off immediately.. once a very young girl child said to me solemnly.. you DO look better with your sunglasses ON! I know she was little but I have never quite gotton over it. have a lovely day.. c

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