Foggy Foggy Morning

This is what it looked like this morning as Mommy walks G2 to his Junior Kindergarden class.  I still tend to think that 4 years old is too young for school but oh my he is loving it…now.  It’s a good thing Daddy always has his camera at the ready.

Meanwhile G1 takes off in the other direction to call on his best friend.

Fog has a feeling of comfort for me like I’m all wrapped from head to toe and I love walking in the fog.  The sounds are all muted and while it feels like I am alone for some reason I feel more connected to the earth, to the universe.  It isn’t really a separation in spite of the isolation.  More like an inclusion – in everything.

We’ve had two days of early morning fog and it may be awhile before we see anymore of it.  Meanwhile I just choose to savor the feeling of oneness. And now of course I have this beautiful photo to revisit the moment.


21 thoughts on “Foggy Foggy Morning”

  1. I dropped in via Joss’s blog,……. and Fog I am no stranger to, we had 3 days last week of thick fog that never lifted .. Wishing you well and lovely photo share.. misty mornings with a sharp frost on fallen leaves are often just Magical..
    Wishing you well

  2. That is a beautiful photo, worthy of an enlargement I think.. I used to love the fogs in Britain but only if I was not driving,. There is a particular stillness. The air is suspended.. listening. c

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