Published Books Do Happen with NaNoWriMo

Well it seems I have been blogging less to get ready for the Magic Month of November.  You know ‘National Novel Writing Month‘.  How do I prepare?  Pretty much by reading everything available for advice and direction.  Thinking about chapters, beginnings and endings and of course middles.  Its the middles that have me in awe and I am pretty curious as to how I will handle it.

There are those of you that are already wonderful writers – well I guess pretty much everyone in my FITFS group of heroes.  So I got to wondering if any of the NANOWRIMO creations have ever been published.  Guess what?  Lots have so I am including the link here and also listing them below.  Because guess what?

When I need encouragement.  When I need hope.  When I need to know success is possible.  Well – all I have to do is look here!


I have copied the list from the Office of Letters and Light as also found in the link above.


Rebecca AgiewichBreakupBabe (Ballantine Books, 2006). Contact:

Jocelyne AllenYou and the Pirates (The Workhorsery, 2009). Contact:

J. Rose Allister(Note: Contains adult content) Their Secret Paradise (Eternal Press, 2009), Kata Sutra (Siren Publishing Inc., 2010), and A Grand Seduction (published under Lisa Logan by Eternal Press, 2009). Contact:

Laura L. AltonLas Vegas Chew Toy (Fireside Mysteries, 2009). Contact:

Jacob and Diane Anderson-MinshallBlind Curves: A Blind Eye Mystery (Bold Strokes Books, 2007) Contact:

Amelia Atwater-RhodesPersistence of Memory (Delacorte Books for Young Readers, 2008). Contact:

Robyn BacharBlood, Smoke and Mirrors (Samhain Publishing, 2011). Contact:

Jill BaguchinskySpookygirl (Dutton Juvenile, 2012). Contact:

Jenna Bayley-BurkeJust One Spark (Mills & Boon, 2006). Contact:

Katherine BellAmaranth: The Preterhumans Book 1 (Cacoethes Publishing). Contact:

Hannah BiemoldIn het hooi (Uitgeverij Vuurpapier, 2010). Contact:

B.A. BinnsPull (WestSide Books, 2010). Contact:

Megan BosticNever Eighteen (Graphia, 2012). Contact:

Gayle BrandeisSelf Storage (Ballantine Books, 2007). Contact:

Ophélie BruneauEt pour quelques gigahertz de plus (Ad Astra, 2012). Contact:

BethAnn BuehlerBroken Together (Rebel Ink Press, 2010). Contact:

Jessica BurkhartTake the Reins (Simon & Schuster, 2007). Contact:

Geonn CannonOn the Air (P.D. Publishing, 2007), World on Fire (P.D. Publishing, 2009), and Confused by Shadows (P.D. Publishing, 2011) Contact: P.D Publishing.

Kathy Cano-MurilloLove Shine (Grand Central Publishing, 2007) Contact:

Teryl CartwrightA Sensible Match (Vintage Romance, 2007) and Courting Constance (Vintage Romance Publishing, 2010). Contact: forthcoming.. Contact:

Dave CaslerThe Story of the Great American Flying Broomstick, Book 1: Genesis (Mt. Sneffels Press, 2007). Contact:

S. ChristopherGigapolis (Onyx Neon Press, 2009). Contact:

Elaine CorvidaeDaughter of Snow (Mundania Press, 2010). Contact:

Julia CrouchCuckoo (Headline UK, 2011) Contact:

Lisa DailyThe Dreamgirl Academy (Plume/Penguin Putnam, 2008). Contact:

Martine DanielLegacy of Lies (Chipmunka Publishing, 2010). Contact:

Corinne Davies(Note: Contains adult content) Believing is Seeing (Siren Publishing Inc., 2010), and Believing is Trusting (Siren Publishing Inc., 2010). Contact:

Farhan DevjiHockey Farmer (Cacoethes Publishing, June 2008). Contact: Cacoethes Publishing

Saranna DeWyldeHow To Lose a Demon in 10 Days, How to Marry a Warlock in 10 Days, and How to Seduce an Angel in 10 Days (Kensington Brava, 2012). Contact:

Sarah DooleyLivvie Owen Lived Here (Feiwel and Friends, 2010). Contact: Feiwel and Friends

Moondancer DrakeWorlds Collide (PD Publishing). Contact:

Delphine DrydenSnow Job (Ellora’s Cave, 2008), When in Rio (Ellora’s Cave, 2008), How to Tell a Lie (Ellora’s Cave, 2009). Contact:

Cecile DuquenneEntrechats (Voyen, 2010). Contact:

Hallie DurandNo Room for Dessert (Atheneum Books for Young Readers, 2012). Contact:

Julia DurandSegredos do Submundo: A Herdeira (Minerva Coimbra, 2010). Contact:

ErastesStandish (P.D. Publishing, Inc., 2006). Contact:

Mette FinderupBlink: En kærlighedsroman (Gyldendal, 2009). Contact:

Anthony FrancisFrost Moon (Bell Bridge Books, 2010) and Blood Rock (Bell Bridge Books, 2011). Contact:

Edgar FranzmannMillionenallee (Emons-Verlag, 2009). Contact:

J.M. FreyTriptych (Dragon Moon Press, 2011). Contact:

Colin FullertonLike A Road (Blaurock Press, 2008). Contact:

Donna GephartOlivia Bean, Trivia Queen (Delacourte Press). Contact:

Terie GerrisonSpringFire (Dragonspawn Cycle, Book 3) and SummerDanse (Llewellyn Worldwide). Contact:

Ann GonzalezRunning for My Life (WestSide Books, 2008) Contact:

John GormanShades of Luz (All Things That Matter Press, 2009). Contact:

Erin Grace The Indefatigable Wright Brothers (Jumping Duck Media, 2008). Contact:

Anna Scott GrahamDrop the Gauntlet (FEP International, 2009). Contact:

Bosley GravelThe Movie (BeWrite Books, 2009). Contact: BeWrite Books.

T. GreenwoodThe Hungry Season (Kensington, 2010). Contact:

Sara GruenFlying Changes (HarperCollins, 2005), Water for Elephants (Algonquin, 2007) and Ape House (Spiegel & Grau, 2010). Contact:

Rebecca HartCall of the Sea (Inkspell Publishing, 2012). Contact:

Abigail J. HartmanThe Soldier’s Cross (Ambassador-Emerald International, 2010). Contact: Scribbles and Ink Stains

Elizabeth HaynesInto the Darkest Corner (Myriad Editions, 2011), Revenge of the Tide (Myriad Editions, 2012). Contact:

Simon HaynesHal Spacejock No Free Lunch (Fremantle Press, June 2008). Contact:

Liz HegartySalt River (Scholastic New Zealand, April 2009). Contact:

Eric HendrixsonBucket of Face (Eraserhead Press, October 2010). Contact:

Rachael HerronHow to Knit a Love Song: A Cypress Hollow Yarn (Avon, 2010). Contact:

Harry HolBagage (L.J. Veen, 2010).

Denise JadenLosing Faith (Simon Pulse, 2010). Contact:

Kathleen KaufmanThe Tree Museum (Way Things Are Publications, March 2009). Contact:

Heather KuehlPromises To Keep (Eternal Press, 2010). Contact:

Suzanne LazearInnocent Darkness (The Aether Chronicles) (Flux, 2012). Contact:

Amy M. LevyWelcome To River Street (Fey Publishing LTD, 2010). Contact:

C.J. LinesFilth Kiss (Hadesgate Publishing , 2007). Contact:

Kimberly LlewellynCashmere Boulevard (Berkley Books, 2007). Contact:

Marissa MeyerCinder: Book One in the Lunar Chronicles (Feiwel & Friends, 2012). Contact:

Greg McCarthyThe Price of Life (Otherworld Publications, 2010). Contact:

Maureen McGowanCinderella: Ninja Warrior (Silver Dolphin Books 2011). Contact:

Jon F. MerzThe Destructor (Lawson Vampire Novels) (Pinnacle Books, 2003). Contact: Pinnacle Books

Erin MorgensternThe Night Circus (Doubleday Books 2011). Contact:

Ian O’NeillEndo (BookStrand Publishing, 2008). Contact:

Paula OffuttButch Girls Can Fix Anything (Yellow Rose Books, 2006). Contact:

Jacqueline PaigeMystic Perceptions (Class Act Books, 2010). Contact:

Stephanie PerkinsAnna and the French Kiss (Dutton Juvenile, 2010). Contact:

Nathan PoellPost-Apocalypse Dead Letter Office (Oscura Press, 2011.) Contact:

Kalayna PriceOnce Bitten (Bell Bridge Books). Contact:

Prem RaoIt Can’t Be You (Cedar Books/Pustak Mahal). Contact:

RashbreThe Triangle (Trafford Publishing, 2010). Contact:

Lani Diane RichTime Off for Good Behavior (Warner Books, 2004), Maybe Baby (Warner Books, 2005), and Wish You Were Here (Warner Books, 2008). Contact:

Vanitha SankaranWatermark: A Novel of the Middle Ages (Avon A, 2010). Contact:

Francesca SegreDaughter of the Bride (Berkeley Books, 2006). Contact:

Yolanda SfetsosShade of Grey (Eternal Press, 2010). Contact:

K.C. ShawJack of All Trades (Ancient Tomes Press, 2009). Contact:

Anna SheehanA Long, Long Sleep (Candlewick Press, 2011). Contact:

Arianna SkyeWings of Desire (Eternal Press, 2010). Contact:

L. Neil SmithSweeter Than Wine: A Story of Love, Sleuthing and Vampires (Arc Manor/Phoenix Pick). Contact:

Diana SousaInício (Temas Originais, 2010). Contact:

Keris StaintonJessie Hearts NYC (Orchard Books, 2011). Contact:

Ransom StephenThe God Patent (Vox Novus). Contact:

Amber StocktonPromises, Promises (Barbour Publishing, 2008), Copper and Candles (Barbour Publishing, 2009), and Liberty’s Promise (Barbour Publishing, 2010). Contact:

James R. StricklandLooking Glass (Flying Pen Press, 2007) Contact:

Stephanie Stuve-BodeenThe Compound (Feiwel and Friends, 2008) Contact:

Kyle Michel SullivanBobby Carapisi (The Nazca Plains Corporation, 2009). Contact:Nazca Plains Corporation

J.H. TrumbleDon’t Let Me Go (Kensington, 2011).

Pamela TurnerDeath Sword (Lyrical Press, 2011). Contact:

Catherine WadeLet’s Dish and Another Time Around (Samhain Publishing, 2009). Contact:

Alayna WilliamsDark Oracle (Pocket-Juno Books, 2010). Contact:

David Niall WilsonVintage Soul (Five Star/Gale, 2007) and The Mote in Andrea’s Eye (Five Star/Gale, 2006). Contact: Five Star/Gale

Nora ZelevanskySemi-Charmed Life (St. Martin’s Griffin, 2012).

Magdalena ZschokkeMaybe Tomorrow (Windstorm Creative, 2007). Contact:

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30 thoughts on “Published Books Do Happen with NaNoWriMo”

  1. Great list! Thanks for posting. I will reblog on my blog to encourage others. I had no outline when I started and really renjoyed letting the muse take me wherever. I had two dry spells, two days without a clue, and I took my characters to another room and discovered other people there. Spooky and so fun to just get that internal editor out of the way! Best of luck.

  2. Very cool, and inspiring, Chris! Good luck with your NaNoWriMo. I did it maybe three or four years ago. Had lots of fun, but wasn’t inspired to do any editing, so my creation is filed for now. I would recommend the process for anyone interested in finishing a book , though. (And, according to your savvy information–getting it published, too!)

  3. But how did they do it. Did they go back clean it up make it better rewrite it then search for years for an agent who then searched for years for a publisher? You know what is hardest about this Nano thingy … Not being able to start yet! I am absolutely gagging to get onto it. Too many ideas and not enough pencils – i want to start to write! so glad you are doing it too! c

    1. Yes C I think the idea is to get the story down then go back in December to edit. With your talent I can’t imagine there will be much editing and like you I am champing at the bit to get started. One of the links said to do an outline of each chapter before hand so I laid out 34 potential chapter guidelines. Yikes it is exciting!

  4. WoW! I didn’t know there were “that” many from Nano! I also heard “The Help” was a Nano Novel. If that was on the list…sorry I’m reading quickly on a break at work. 🙂 Are you getting excited!

      1. You know, I still have NOT read that book! I need to get on that. I think I even have it! My reading list keeps getting longer (because I keep reading more and more blogs!) 🙂

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