A King A Queen and a Mischievious Count

I cohabitate with  3 members of Feline Royalty which suits me very well as I also consider myself as Queen of Hamilton.

3 great whites by Tom Barwell

They each have their charms and challenges although once you get used to challenges therein lies the charm.

Front and center is King Jack.  King of the household – he thinks and perhaps at one time it was true.  To soothe his easily ruffled feathers – uh – fur – I still address him as King. KJ likes to stake his claim on territory or person and has not experienced any challenge to that until recently.

King Jack by Tom Barwell

But before I get into that I must tell you that KJ has been known to stretch himself across a doorway or kitchen floor, fluff himself up and no mortal dare cross his path.  He is pretty swift with the old ankle swipe and since he still has claws I pretty much always wear socks or long pants before crossing his path.  At least he used to.  I am not sure if he is just used to me or the kitty treats I give him on the side are sufficient bribery.

Lying innocently behind KJ appearing rather submissive is Gus, the Count of Mischief.  He is the youngest and when he first joined our troupe KJ took a very protective role with the sweet baby.  Wherever Gus frolicked Jack was not to far behind usually  sitting above somewhere watching.  He followed the baby from room to room.  At least that is the way it was for the first three months or so.

Gus by Tom Barwell on Instagram

You see, Gus is younger and faster and a male like King Jack and pretty soon he was contesting Jack’s kingship.  Jack is not that old but the smaller and mightier Gus is  aging the king quickly.  I first noticed in when it came to bed territory.  When KJ stretched out on a bed, it was his.  But.  But.  One day the old king lay across his throne and the frisky frolicking youth jumped up to challenge him.  HA! thought the King and gave a mighty swat sending the youth spinning into the middle of next week.

But then it happened again and again and one day I said to Gus, “Gus you will never be king so just stop challenging him.”   Gus gave me a look from his blue marble eyes, threw his head back and leaped upon the throne once again.  A few tries of persistence and the King was gone.  Long live the Count.  Poor Jackie.  Now he reigns as King only when Gus allows him so now I whisper words of royal adoration to KJ quietly to let him still feel regal.

On the right side of the first photo in a more subservient pose is Jewels Grace.  Queen Jewels was the first feline to arrive of the group but she always gives way to the male who of course for so long was KJ.

Jewels Grace by Tom Barwell Instagram

Poor Jewelsy (as G2 calls her) has several disadvantages; she is deaf, she is not pretty at all, her fur is all scrunchy here and there and she has eyes that are yellow.  Devilishly yellow which at times appear vampire red.  She has a belly that almost reaches the floor.  She has a plaintive meow and kneads everything with her claws including all furniture and people.  She is not attractive at all.  She is needy always asking to be touched and stroked. And she is my fave of course.  A woman surviving in the midst of a male driven society.  She sleeps a lot and I am trying once again to let her stay in my room at night where she sleeps on my bed. The lady needs 1:1 attention.  I look at her and think, what if that was me?   So project Jewelsy is on!

25 thoughts on “A King A Queen and a Mischievious Count”

  1. Thanks Judith. I must say I would not describe myself as a cat person either as we always have had one…but here they are and here I am..and Jewelsy has found a home in my heart. I have always admired dog people except on cold winter days and I watch them out with their canines when I am cozy and warm. brrrrr

  2. I’m not a cat person and three great whites mean three great pinots to me. But your cats seem to be good company although I worry that the King might not be nice to Jewelsy. May your kingdom prosper Chris and may all your subjects live in harmony. 🙂

  3. Such beautiful roommates to keep you and each other company, each distinctive in its own way.

    I asked the kids when grand baby was just one day old, “Could you tell him apart from 100 others?” “Of course,” was the response.

  4. Well, Jewels would be my favourite too – and I think she is very attractive in spite of what you say; I love her smouldering yellow eyes! I think she needs your extra-special attention, being the only female in the group, so letting her sleep on your bed has my vote too – quality time with mama!

    1. Yes she is enjoying it. Of course now that she spends time with me the other two want to be here too and as long as there is no hissing over territory I let them stay. But I make sure she gets extra attention! I look at her and think yup I am just like her..youthful beauty gone, a little saggy in the middle etc 🙂

  5. King Jack looks pretty royal. During all of this, I do hope they give you SOME royal affection and attention. I have never forgotten your status as Queen. I hope they know their place around you. (I do believe you are a very kind Queen indeed and respect the extra attention you give to Poor J).

  6. I’m not a cat person particularly, but these three are beautiful, even the Queen who you mentioned was not. Great photos. The male competitiveness is interesting. Poor KJ, getting bumped from his throne – isn’t that the way it goes? The young move in and eventually dethrone all of us. Thanks for sharing their personalities.

  7. how can you say that Jewel is not pretty or attractive…she is beautiful, If her fur is scrunchy and her eyes are yellow and she is deaf ..so what?……. None of us is purr-fect…..I love your adorable pussies

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