My Non Benylin Benylin Kind of Day

I seems every September when the children return to school the first thing they must do is hold a high powered meeting around a mighty cauldron and stir in every possible infectious bacterial form known to man. They then scoop up enough to bring home and spread around.

My response? I usually weather the assaults but by today I knew I needed to rest.  Taking a Benylin day is part of a TV advert for the product but the idea is to take a day to rest

So sans product I am resting.  I had planned on walking to the library but have decided to not share these particular bugs with anyone else.

Hope you all are having a healthy wonderful day !


15 thoughts on “My Non Benylin Benylin Kind of Day”

  1. Drink juice and a lunch of chicken soup. Keep those germs at bay and get plenty of rest. I think you are following the doctor’s orders. Hope you are feeling better soon. Hello…Is there an echo out there??? I just echoed LD’s last sentence, but the sentiment is the same. Take care, friend.

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