FITFS Our Soul Dipper Amy

Amy Nora Doyle. is how she signed off her About page but we mostly just know her as Amy.

Soul Dipper and Spirit Builder by Design.  When I write these few words I feel the completeness of Amy and her world.  However for any of you who are not familiar with her, please allow me to lead you.

On January 9, 2010 Amy took to the written word and the last words of that post are:

Embrace your highest source of power and love.  Focus on it; carry it with all your being.  With that power, no matter what life puts in your path, there you will stand – strong in the face of adversity.  And that is called SOUL.

We fuss and worry and scoot along our lives regretting the past sometimes and fearing the future, when there is an opportunity to embrace our strength, our power, our love, that will allow us to weather what comes.

Understanding does not depend upon, nor does it denigrate any religion, or belief systems.  It is a message of love.

It matters not whether you choose to believe, visiting Soul Dipper is always a peaceful experience.

Amy lives in one of the most beautiful parts of Canada.  I spent some time there a few years ago…long before I found the Blogosphere and all my dear ones in it and the near by ocean and beautiful trees vie for beauty in the gentlest rains I have ever seen.

We give celebration to the important things in our lives, as you know, I do this each Friday by honoring my own list of heroes one at a time.  These are all people worthy of FITFS – Following in The FootSteps – for me and while I cannot ‘become’ I can try to emulate them in some way.

Soul Dipper is not at all ever serious or encumbered by weighty soul sucking problems, she is funny as in her post on The Secret to Why Men Don’t Ask for Directions  or it can be about  a fab dinner.  Well I could go on and on but that would be just replicating or trying to replicate the perfection of what is.

Please do stop by, say hi, and allow yourself a moment of peace.


15 thoughts on “FITFS Our Soul Dipper Amy”

  1. Chris, I couldn’t agree with you more. To Amy –I use a phrase “Bless his/her/your heart” when something really pulls my…well…♥. In your post “Delivering the Truth” you used that phrase in a moment of great compassion. It’s in phrases like that one you have made a connection to this reader, not to mention your Momisms: On venturing out — “Who did you like better than yourself?” On relationships –“If they were busy tending it (the garden) themselves, they may be amazed at the quality of help it would attract.” So true and it made me just lol. Yes, I have filed away a few gems as I’m not sure I could find them in a haystack of archives. Without teaching, you have taught; without preaching (or maybe you have–wink) you have told memorable stories. Thank you, Amy, for sharing all you do.

  2. You know all those phrases about the heart, Chris? “My heart is heavy.” “You broke my heart.” “It was heart warming.” I used to wonder if people’s hearts really “felt”.

    Well, I’m confirming today that hearts can have physical reactions. When I came over to see what you were up to, there was a pull, tug and stretch going on physically in my heart.

    Thank you for this generous gesture. It’s amazing how we could walk by each other on the street, yet I know your giving soul. I see your comments around the ‘sphere, your support and encouragement shared abundantly and your wise counsel in matters of the heart.

    I’m sending you one of those golden blankets to wrap around yourself when you need a zap of good health and fresh energy. Just close your eyes and sit back with a vision of being wrapped in it. That’s all you have to do. Just be. You’ll be zapped!

  3. I love Amy too, she has such heart that girl, is deeply moved to fight for the earths health yet maintains that lovely positive glow as she wafts through out lives. i agree with joss, we are lucky to have her!.. c

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