Rereads? Rewatches?

What moves you to reread a particular book or rewatch a movie?

It may be of course that you do not ‘re’ either books or movies but I do and there are a handful (or more) that top my list.

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“Apollo 13” starring Tom Hanks and Gary Sinese is THE movie which was based on a book by Jim Lovell.  I think it was 1970 when Lovell, Swigert, and Haise headed off for the moon, following in the footsteps of Neil Armstrong.  Initially the press wasn’t much interested as it had all been done before, that is, until disaster struck.  I remember the actual real life event and yes the announced flight was sort of ho hum and then the world watched.  We never left Walter Cronkite for a minute.

The strange thing is that I know the story, I know the movie, and yet…

Each time I watch the movie I wait, holding my breath in the exact moments they have to establish communication after doing a burn to enter the earth’s atmosphere. And each time my eyes fill with tears.  I can’t help it.  Yes I know the ending. Again.  And again.  And again.

English: The actual Apollo 13 lunar landing mi...
English: The actual Apollo 13 lunar landing mission prime crew from left to right are: Commander, James A. Lovell Jr., Command Module pilot, John L. Swigert Jr.and Lunar Module pilot, Fred W. Haise Jr.The original Command Module pilot for this mission was Thomas “Ken” Mattingly Jr. but due to exposure to German measles he was replaced by his backup, Command Module pilot, John L. “Jack” Swigert Jr. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

A part of my brain says, go do something useful, you know this story and how it ends.  And another part of my brain says, leave me alone to live in the moment.

You see?  I think it is all about living in the moment.  Really feeling and valuing every minute.  The ending almost doesn’t matter.  It is experiencing the moment when all fears, all hopes, come together.

Now I have a number of rereads when it comes to favorite books.  I have them close at hand to pull out every few months or every few years.  One absolutely gripping story, and yes it is still gripping is Michael Crichton‘s TIMELINE.  Good heavens that man was consistently entertaining whether it was The Andromeda Strain, Jurassic Park, or TV’s ER.  The man was a writer and story teller par excellence and I for one miss him very much.

Cover of "Timeline"
Cover of Timeline

The telling moment in that book, you know the one where I lose all connection to the sane voice that says, Chris you know how it ends, comes when the Professor, and Kate and Chris are ready to return and Marek continues the fight and finally tells them to leave him.

It is less a story about time travel and more about connecting with multiverses (multiple universes), and one man’s sacrifice – which still ends well and gets him the fair Claire – and the evil of huge corporations with way too much money hanging around.  It is a marvellous story and I recommend to any who have not read it.

But again, the story is so well written it is about living in that very moment.

I think sometimes life gets so busy for us that we forget to appreciate moments by rushing ahead to the next thing we must do, and I always think it is wonderful that there are story tellers out there that touch our hearts, regardless of frequency, and remind us to live in the moment.

Do you have a favorite moment reminder?

11 thoughts on “Rereads? Rewatches?”

  1. I re-read and re-watch all the Jane Austen books and movies. Yes, I know how they end, but I still love the words, the characters and the times. My dear husband watches the movies over and over with me too.

    1. A Man for all Seasons left me feeling wonderfully touched by his story and is another fave of mine. I have never read A Beautiful Mind but will make a point of it seeing how much you enjoy it. I have just discovered my comments through reader are not showing up on the post site so am off to catch up!

  2. I have re-read To Kill A Mockingbird so many times I cannot count. I suppose there are many other things I could be doing but each moment spent in that book brings new and different perspectives. Good storytellers entertain but they also make you think and feel and grow and best of all, they cause you to slow down and really listen. Always a good thing, I think.

  3. I love visiting Johnson Space Center, entering the old control room and looking to the water fountain. Above it is a thank you from those three to those in the control room who brought them back. No, no recommendation here, but I too, remember that harrowing, brave ride.

  4. I’m not much of a re-watcher or re-reader. Though I have books I think about a lot.

    I like YOUR reason for rewatching Apollo 13 so many times. The only movie I ever rewatched endlessly was Seven Brides For Seven Brothers. The original old movie. My kids were little and we got it on “VHS”. Remember those? It was already an “old” movie when we started watching it, but we LOVED it. Now, if I was to watch it again, it would be because it reminds me of the moments with my children. Singing and dancing with the movie.

    1. I love the seven brides movie and almost any musical from that era…when I was little I figured that was real life..singing about the moment. Because of the strange looks I get when I burst out in tune I am beginning to think perhaps it is not all that common! LOL

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