Oh The Plots We Weave: Freedom of Speech – I support Google

Today we are digressing from our usual look at real life news items that could be story lines.

This morning I was awakened to a discussion on the radio about Google and Free Speech. The issue was that google decided to follow the high road and ban certain URLs related to an extremist situation.  The discussion is that in banning something regardless of content we are giving up our right to Free Speech and that is a horrible thing to do.

You know there are wiser people out there with a great deal of clout who remain silent on this.

Societies built on some kind of moral fiber thrive.  There has to be a right or a wrong to things.  Morals go out the window and society goes into decline when our foundations are cast aside

Good for you Google.  Time someone took a stand!


9 thoughts on “Oh The Plots We Weave: Freedom of Speech – I support Google”

  1. This is certainly a delicate issue. We normally want to err on the side of free speech but it also doesn’t seem right that extremists looking for publicity can purposely cause offense and inflame tensions that cost lives.

  2. social media, despite its many advantages is mainly manipulated & misused. the basic prob is with the users… so, proper control is important, from the service providers themselves….

  3. it is a toughie isn’t it. I have always said that the web will not be like it is now, in say 10 years because at some point the govt will start leaning on the big social media movers and shakers, facebook, twitter, or google for that matter to try and stop them being used to spread words of war or other bad stuff. How big will they all get before they are ungovernable and when will the plug will be pulled. And who decides which stuff is bad. Who decides what is right or wrong. Everyone has an agenda. Just a cursery sweep of the politicians we have strutting about makes this a very unsettling thought. c

I love to hear your thoughts on this!

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