Daily Post Weekly Writing Challenge: Meaningful Possessions

I am a little late to the WordPress Weekly Writing Challenge Being Saturday and all.  The subject matter is ‘ tell us about your most meaningful possession and since I have spent most of my life making sure that possessions were not meaningful, I honestly thought I had nothing to contribute.

Then last night outside under the stars I asked myself that same question and the answer came crystal clear.  I do have one possession that matters.  Would I fight to the death over it?  No, but while I have it with me I will savor the meaning and remember.

Dad's leather purse
Most Meaningful Possession

My Dad is not someone I write an awful lot about which always puzzles  me because he was the center of my existence.  While my mother tried to teach me how to darn socks (darned if I could understand why – being the diva I was I could not see myself ever darning anything), and knit and keep the house cool in  the summer by pulling down the blinds on the east side in the morning and on the west side in the afternoon, my Dad taught me other things.

Have you found it surprising, if you have ever had to clean out a home after someone dies, what seemed important to that person?  Have you ever held an object and wondered why it was stored in a tin box with other seemingly meaningless objects?

When it was time to do this for my father there were a number of treasure found.  His gold ring with his initials had been left to me but I decided it should go to the oldest son of the oldest son and gave it to my brother for his son.

There was one treasure I was not even aware of until about ten  years ago (and Dad died in 1981).  The gift came from my sister.  I wondered at it at first as it was a small suede leather bag measuring three and half inches at its base, two inches at its neck and five inches in length.  And leather tie to tighten it.  Engraved into the leather appears to be a Mayan calander or something zodiac like.  I truly do not know exactly what it is.  This bag and other ‘treasures’ were kept in an old tin box in his top drawer.  It was a pretty beat up tin box and I remember seeing it as a young child and wishing I could see inside.

Anyway I thought this was a strange gift but I was touched deeply and then my sister said, “open it”.

Inside were five pennies, each with the birth year of my brothers and sisters and me, and one nickle with my birth year.

Meaningful possessions

The feeling of holding something my dad felt was important enough to be a tin box treasure and understanding the depth and the heart of my sister was overwhelming.

There has never been another gift that has meant as much and each time I pull that leather string to close the bag I feel like I am ensuring my family is tucked in safely.

Die for it if I had to?  You know what?  Just maybe!

17 thoughts on “Daily Post Weekly Writing Challenge: Meaningful Possessions”

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  3. That is so sweet, Chris. I enjoyed reading your post. It is fascinating what we consider our most important possessions. I am also a person who does not think possessions matter a lot.

  4. That was FANTASTIC! Great story and sentiment Chris. When my father died he had 9 orange plastic “discs” in his pocket from one of his hang outs. He has 8 children. We put one in his pocket and each one of us has one. I like that I have my disc that is connected to dad.

    Wonderful post!!!!

  5. How wonderful to have something so special from your father. It shows how important his children were to him as he had a penny for each year they were born. I found a letter my Dad wrote to my Mom when she had me. It is my most preciuos possession for sure. The thing about Dads is that they don’t have to say a lot for you to know how much they love you.

  6. that was indeed a great post and I echo everything said by billduff…real treasure is not always valued moneywise but in the deep meaning of the object

  7. Oh, my goodness, I feel like those words are coming out of my own mouth! How absolutely true it is .. the mystery of someone else’s treasure – especially if the treasure was your parents! What a beautiful gift you have inside that brown bag. I would treasure it too. Moreover, I think you should write a story about the treasure – I’d love to hear your guesses! Thank-you for this wonderful heart-warming post. I’m off to treasure hunt myself now too! TTFN

    1. I am so glad for the subject from WordPress because it reaffirms love of my family. I am even gladder that I remembered. The leather bags hangs on my entertainment unit as a reminder but it is amazing how things in a room can be so standard we don’t really see them anymore. Have fun on your treasure hunt!

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