FITFS Judith Baxter

Each Friday I devote a post to someone in my hero group from the Blogosphere.

Heroes are important to our lives, unlike the ‘experts’ I wrote about this week, they are individuals who inspire us and make our lives better and more fulfilling by their very existence and actions.  Real people who make us better by their example.

Judith Baxter lives in Wellington, the capital city of New Zealand.  Originally from England, she and her Dashing Young Scotsman settled in New Zealand.  Her trusty companion is Lotte an adorable Tibetan Spaniel.

Since the passing of her mother and then the premature death of her husband Judith made a decision to ‘choose how I will spend the rest of my life’.

Judith lives with intention and is a certified life coach, mentor, author and facilitator.  What I most admire is that she has defined her values which are Gracious, Generous, Loving, and Radiant.

Family is very important to her, especially her four fine grandsons.  Judith shares her insights with every post and it would be impossible to choose one.

Judith’s very first post on March 1, 2011 was titled, ‘I choose how I will spend the rest of my life and in I she talked about her mother’s last years and her mission “about keeping the mind active….”. She says, “I know our thoughts determine the results we achieve…”

When I think of Judith I think of silk, satin, heart of gold, and soul of goodness.

Today’s post is a recommendation to read Dr. Wayne Dyer‘s book, ‘Change Your Thoughts Change Your Life and the wisdom of Lao-tzu.

So please do stop by and say hi and take a dip in her pool of wisdom.  Bathing suits not required.

6 thoughts on “FITFS Judith Baxter”

  1. Let me add my voice to those ringing the bell of gratitude for how Juthithhb lives are life and shares it.

    I keep hoping to win a Mega lottery so I can hire a cruise ship head around the world, picking and being joined by my far spread blogging friends. Staying strong by buying one lottery ticket a week with the hope of meeting you all.

    Chris, think I will include all your heros’ and anyone you admire is worth admiring.

  2. WOW Ladies – once again I am speechless. Thank you thank you Chris for addinng me to your heroes and thank you Darlene for that lovely comment.
    I am so thrilled that I started my blog writing all those months ago, not knowing whether anybody would even read what I wrote. I now have a whole group/community of blogging friends whom I wish I could meet in real life. I would love to get a whole heap of them together over coffee sometime. Wouldn’t that be great?
    Again thank you Chris.

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