Kat at emotionalfitnesstraining gives a depth to subject matter that I strive for. I love how she does that!

Emotional Fitness

WHY THIS ABOUT EMOTIONAL FITNESS  In order to stay alive and stay emotionally healthy, you need at least a minimal grasp of reality.  Wake up in the middle of the night confused and frightened, hearing banging noises? A dream, a burglar, or the wind? Your confusion and fear need thinking about so you know what to do.

One of my favorite bloggers —  Chris at Bridges Burning tackled this topic today focusing mainly on “Experts”  Here is her detailing of “expert” truths that stopped being truths.

In 1972 my first son was born and there was no question about circumcision and you had to give a pretty good argument why you would not want it.  In 1975 my second son was born and then ‘the experts’ changed their mind and you had to argue exactly why you wanted it done.  This past week in the news ‘experts’ now say all…

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