FITFS – Katherine Gordy Levine


We all have heroes, or at least I hope we all do.  I use ‘hero’ generically like actor.  It holds no connotation of gender for me.  Some of my heroes, as you know, are the authors of blogs that I read regularly and this week Following In The FootSteps series highlights them one at a time to honor and thank them.

Today’s hero is Katherine Gordy Levine of Emotional Fitness fame.  Katherine’s published books are available on Amazon and include:  When Good Kids Do Bad Things: A Survival Guide for Parents of Teenagers, Tame the Test Anxiety, and Monster  (again – in case the linkly thing doesn’t work you will find her at

There are a lot of things I admire about Kat but I think my faves are her Cranky Old Lady rants.  With age  I have found a new freedom to say pretty much what I think (you know – no longer restrained by wanting to impress anyone and being comfortable in my own skin).  Kat does this exceptionally well and even has a page on her site called ‘From the Downhill Slope’.

Kat’s mission is to, “ and share not just the good news and good times, but also to keep sharing the bumps, bruises, and yes – the pain of this glorious gift called life.”

This very accomplished lady thinks of herself as a WOO (Wise Old One) and I don’t know about the wise part for me, but as an Old one, it is nice to belong to her club.

Her page  Be With Beauty is one of the twelve daily Staying Strong Exercises.  Exercises she shares with us and she invites us to share our pictures of Beauty with her.

Kat’s site is very professionally done and information oozes from every word.  She has wonderful quotes such as ; There is a crack in everything; it is what lets the light in.   Leonard Cohen, American musician

Please do stop by and visit this wonderful WOO, say hi, and click a like or two.  She loves visitors.  You don’t even have to dress up, she will welcome you as you are.

15 thoughts on “FITFS – Katherine Gordy Levine”

  1. how can I resist that…being a WOO, I need to catch up on the news…. I will say just how wonderful and uplifting it is to be able to speak one’s mind. Always in my younger days I was told ‘you can’t say that or you can’t do that’ NOW I can say and do what I like and if someone don’t like it….HARD CHEESE……mind you I would not say something that would hurt people…just my own opinion that I have kept quiet for so long

  2. I went to katherine’s page but how do i comment? I am so dense i think this is why my stress levels are so low.. anyway tell her i said hi and love her thoughts! An intelligent woman! c

  3. Chris and Darlene, You have made my year, both of you. Thank you. I used to kid with my students and staff that they should not be the third one to compliment me no matter how sincere because my compliment tolerance would have been reached by then.

    You both are probably well acquainted with voice inside that says “Fooled them” or “If they only knew.” Getting older has allowed me to raise my compliment level past three and the pangs of aging increased my craving. So I won’t reveal the new number as I don’t want to keep anyone from saying nice things.

    I am going to print up both your kind words and keep them in my gratitude file after I show them to my grumpy old man. Thank you again. LOHs. Lots of Hugs.

    The not so Cranky Old Lady.

  4. I am also a huge fan of Katherine Gordy Levine. I always learn something from her posts and she has helped me improve the quality of my life with her practical, no nonsense advise.

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