Give Me a Head with Hair, Long Beautiful Hair …or Au Naturel

When I was young I had long beautiful hair. Longer  and shinier than this pic.

My hair in my teens was a shining auburn, below my shoulders and straight as a board.  I ironed it like everyone else even though there was no need.  We rinsed our hair with vinegar and water for that extra shine.

Then something happened – call the 30’s – No not the 1930’s, MY 30’s and suddenly that little bottle of colour became part of my life.  And my hair got shorter and shorter.  So for 30 (seems to be the magical number doesn’t it?) odd years I have helped support the beauty industry by buying product.  Now it is more like this:

So as you may know I seem to be going through a catharsis in my 65th year.  Something, well everything is changing.  I no longer hang ten over the surf board of life but now look for meaning and am living more on purpose rather than by whatever winds buffet me along the road of life.  Well okay I don’t look like that anymore as menopause brought me a short few months of naturally curly hair.  Alas it did not last.

Now it is more like this:

And I have stayed pretty consistent in my color ‘Golden Blonde‘.  Now see what I did there?  That ‘cool’ look or so I thought covers up a lot including the old double or triple chin.

Why the ‘confession’?

Well I took a good look around and noticed that women my age who color their hair, in my opinion look like they have colored their hair.

See I am not sure it makes me look younger anymore.  I think it just makes me look like a woman my age trying to look younger.  I may be off base in this but I am going to go back to the 60’s ideas of natural flow no show.  So even though I have been growing that faux girlish look out, when my roots are long enough I am getting all the color cut out.  I mean my hair will grow again and if I look too awful in my natural state I can take up the bottle again but it is such a nice adventurous idea I am going to make it so.

When I do I shall if I am very very brave post a pic.  No promises on that since part of my cathartic change is to be truthful.  And realistic.  And kind at the same time.

What other changes of purpose have I done?  I will have to let you know another time.  Y’all have a great weekend!




25 thoughts on “Give Me a Head with Hair, Long Beautiful Hair …or Au Naturel”

  1. I quit the foil game a couple of years ago and moved from blond highlights to my natural “arctic blond”. I like my very silver hair and being free from coloring processes. The thing I find most difficult, Chris, is that it has thinned a great deal thanks to hypothyroidism – before it was diagnosed. Crumbs…I used to have enough hair for four women. When I sat in a hairdresser’s chair, they’d often sigh.

    So I’m getting used to being more invisible. That’s what comes with Silver. However, pick a damn fine style!

    1. Oh I love it!…pick a damn fine style! It’s still growing out. I worry about the thinness since color tends to thicken it but am on a search to purify the real me. When I think about all the years I would not step out of the door without full makeup and hair do I relish the freedom I am finding. Others may not find me as beautiful but I feel 10 times freer and happy!

  2. What are you going to do with the extra money, Chris? (smile) Congrats on giving up the bottle. (giggle) I am certain you will be just as beautiful without the bottle. I look forward to seeing the ‘finished’ look.

  3. My Dad would say, “at least you have hair”. Grin. I, on the other hand, finally dyed my hair as it became the source of such great controversy! Good luck with the new (old?) look.

  4. I was always too lazy to color my hair, and my mother ranted against dyes. Not that I paid any attention to her ranting. Now my hair is long and silver and lovely and falling out. I have the feeling with each stand that falls out, a bit of my brain falls out also.

    If I make another ten years to 85 it will be all gone. My husband says I’ll be a real Jewish lady cause he will buy ne a wig. The observant women all wear them. Haven’t decided yet what color wig and may just polish my dome. Life is good the more you can drop be the way. Stay strong all, I work at it and some days I succeed.


  5. Well i think you look fantastic and you will whatever colour your hair is. As an aside I also tried ironing my hair with an iron when I was young, it reached to my bum and was a mass of dreadful curls and it came out looking like felt. FELT!! Never did that again. c

    1. Thanks Joss…you were the one for non comfort zones and I sorts figured I wanted to FITFS of you..this is just the my few baby steps. Lets see once I conquer the hair thing I may just decide to go nude in public..hmm may rethink that one.

  6. You look incredible! I love that last picture the most!!!!!!! I LOVE IT! I can’t wait to see what you do next. All three of those pictures show a beautiful woman.

  7. You tend to look fabulous no matter what you do with your hair Chris! Ageing gracefully is important but one doesn’t have to look old anymore. I heard recently that 70 is the new 50 and from what I see, I believe it.

  8. Colouring your hair Miss Chris does not mean you are trying to look younger. What you are doing is enhancing your natural colour. The same as we do by using lipstick, mascara, moisturizers on our skin, foundation, powder etc etc etc. However having said all that, you probably will look absolutely stunning au naturelle. Love you. Mary

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