Our friend Celi who always is reader worthy writes today, a message of hope for some friends. A message some of us may need also. Enjoy.


Yesterday my blog reading took me from one page to another and eventually led me to one of my own stories.  I am not sure what it illustrates or why it started to peck at the inside of my head until I wrote it out  but yesterday it became demanding so here you are.  This story is for Terry. Inspired by Julie. 

To carry a baby and a basket of washing is a juggle.  When I was a very young mother I had both in spades.  Babies and washing that is. Plus juggling when you think about it.   Often I put the baby in the washing basket with the washing and carried them both outside to the clothesline together.  So on this summer day in rural New Zealand I hefted a basket of washing and its piggy back of grumpy baby through the back door.  The trees were alive…

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    1. Oh Judith I read your post Stop the World the day you posted it and was so touched by the overwhelming experience – your husband in hospital, then your son, your mother in law in London and your father in law in Scotland. Do you find sometimes that when you look back you wonder how you got through it all? And through it so well!

  1. I think it kept nagging you until you got it out. I’m so glad you shared. Grief is such a strange thing. It’s takes a rollercoaster of spills for me and the worst part is crying at the most unopportune moments. Thanks for posting this.

  2. Thank you Chris for reblogging this, unlike most of my writing this one was difficult to write. Grief is something we all try to hide. I am apprehensive when i posted it but sometimes words just have to be written.. And i am deeply grateful for your kind words. Have a lovely weekend.. celi

  3. what a moving post. it made me cry on a number of levels, one being that I don’t know that my loss would cause this kind of heartfelt grief in anyone. My BFF’s mother died four years ago now and I think she still has these moments of unbearable grief.

    1. You know my folks have been gone decades and in many ways it is like it was yesterday….hope your summer is going well. The family are at the cottage so I have a week of no one but the cats. I thought I would get tons of blogging done but but….I did leave a message for Christine the other day…so I hope to connect with her soon.

    2. Joss you may what to check today’s FITFS post…because of course it is you! I don’t know if you can use any part as a reference but if not let me know and I will do something else. the first post had 2 typos so I have corrected them. I really do not like the new post tab so redid it on my regular old form!

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