A Story Plot Free to Blogging Authors or Canada’s Justice System at Its Best

A Story Plot Free to Blogging Authors or Canada’s Justice System at Its Best

Some reporters do an excellent job reporting facts to the public accurately and without  judgement – just the facts ma’am just the facts.  And one of those reporters is The Hamilton Spectator‘s Ken Peters.  My first draft was filled with sarcasm scathing and railing against our shame the Canadian Legal system and our Justice system.  But what good would that do?  It would serve only to spread anger.

So as I read through the article I thought to myself, what if this was a plot?  A story outline? Perhaps one of you could use it. So without a turmoil here is a bit of information:

Characters *note these names are real so you will have to change them*

a). Dean Paquette – Defense Lawyer* get over the usual Perry Mason, LA Law idea that all defense lawyers are good and right.  No judgement here..just sayin.

b). Assistant Crown Attorney Carey Lee.

c). Reverend Jose Silva Roman Catholic priest and alleged perpetrator.

d). Ministry spokesman Brendan Crawley for Ministry of the Attorney General

e). Crown Attorney Tim Power

f). Deputy Crown Attorney Tony Leitch

g) Marcus Soares posted bail

h) Diocese of Hamilton

STORY LINE: B & A Make a deal that if C leaves Canada no prosecution.

A says if he never comes back he will never be arrested.

C returns home to his native Brazil

E states the ministry will investigate. Uhuh.

B is on a 6 month sebatical and presumablcabin not be reached.

E is on vacation and cannot be reached

F says no comment except to say there are no plans to attempt to have Silva extradited

H announced C resigned but H did pay for a portion of C’s legal bill

A says the sexual assault was on the ‘low end’ and C is a man of the cloth

G posted bail

A says the bail money would not be forfeited as part of the negotiation

A says C’s passport and visa were close to expirery so A obtained a valid passport for him.

**My additional,comment – Aside from the appearance that Canada has established a way to get rid of perverts without justice to the victims and to infect the rest of the world by shunting off its poisons there is one major consideration.

WHAT IF THIS GUY WAS INNOCENT?  No one wins in this situation and at this moment I don’t I will be waving any ‘yay I am Canadian’ flags.

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