Following in the footsteps…..Jaime

I have a few, well quite a few blogs I read everyday – must read everyday even when I cannot find the time to blog or actually have nothing to say. (Who ever thought such a thing could happen to  me?)

What has me stymied is that many bloggers actually have a system or plan to what they post and for the life of me I cannot find a personal theme and through my own good taste read only the best of the best.  (This statement may not be 100% accurate as one cannot possibly read every blog to determine the best.  Let’s just say everyone I have on my list excels.)  Amazingly enough it is the excellence of my bloggers that has made me feel a certain degree of shyness in putting my own contributions forward and the frequency of my posts and my writing in general has suffered mightily.  So still feeling overwhelmed by the sharing the stage with the greats I have pledged to return to blogging daily in the hopes that my personal genre will become evident since not writing at all has done nothing good for me. Nuts, there I go getting off track.  I guess what I am trying to say – short story long is that for a bit I would like to follow in the footsteps of these great folk. The order of presentation from day to day is not related to best first since I consider all I read ‘best’.

Today I am looking at Jaime who has a couple of things going regularly one of which is her ‘What I learned this week’ series.  Now I don’t have the patience to choose articles over a week but there is usually one day of the week in which the news reported seems just plain ridiculous and begs comment.

1)  Food Fetish Teacher * previous post of The Ontario College of Teachers   I have long had an issue with this College for its ability to hide teachers’ crimes from the public.  There have been changes – thankfully or rather nauseatingly.  Gavin Bradford lost his licence for inappropriate sexually laced on-line  web cam conversations WITH AT LEAST 21 OF HIS ELEMENTARY SCHOOL STUDENTS.  Sorry about the shouting but the worst part is that this all happened in 2006.  Investigations started in 2007 a full year before this jerk actually resigned.  Shame, shame, shame on you College of Teachers.  Obviously child safety in Ontario, Canada matters everywhere except in the school system where children spend their whole childhood.

2)  Beware the libraries in Ontario.  Seems that sniffer dogs (specializing in bed bugs) have picked up the scent of BEDBUGS in our libraries.  While no live bedbugs were found in the books, the eggs were.  I immediately thought of my friend who loves her library.  She will be weirded out.  Too bad they can’t teach sniffer dogs to dig up fetish freaks in education.

3)  “Slut walk returns”.  Never heard of this before and I immediately pictured something like Hollywood’s walk of fame and wondered if the city was building a special walkway for local sluts but discovered instead it is a walk to combat sexual violence and victim blaming.  I wonder if sexual violence to non-sluts is also covered?

4) “Cops bust 154 drivers in Binbrook”  Nice.  Too bad they did not put the same effort into busting bad teachers.

Well that pretty much covers today.  There probably is more but to tell you the truth I am sick of news for now.  At least I did not come across anything about TomKat divorce.  I know I would not be able to keep my breakfast down on that one.


11 thoughts on “Following in the footsteps…..Jaime”

  1. Glad you decided to return to blogging each day. I too am amazed at the versatility and writing skills of the many bloggers I read each day (including you). Welcome back.

    1. Thanks Judith! In the midst of our over 30 degrees every day summer I forget you are in winter. I haven’t read your earthquake post yet but I do hope this year will be a little bit better than last year.

  2. Don’t let the amazing writing that surrounds us stop you! If I did that, I would never write another word. I am glad you are back. I think we learn by writing, reading, and just going for it. I don’t know if I really reach anyone, or if I will ever compete with some of the amazing bloggers out there, but I write for different reasons now. I write because I have to.

    These are great, and disturbing bits of news. Glad you avoided TomKat. 😉

  3. I am THRILLED you will be returning to daily posting! And….we’re suppose to have a theme? Crap! I always LOVED your theme….your theme being you and what you wanted to write about. And I love Jaime’s “What I Learned This Week” series. Though her part about Ohio makes me want to hide my face!!!! 🙂

  4. Well i am looking froward to this. What an excellent idea and a great way to try out some different styles. I think you do have your own mark. there is a cut throat honesty about your interpretation of events that is refreshing. i don’t mind the shouting! c

    1. Thanks Celi – I hope the weather is treating you and the farmy a little better! I found some of your comments in spam along with some of Judith’s. For the life of me half the time I don’t know if the difficulty is me or WP? But probably a little of each!

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