You are not weak, You are not old; so saith G2

Today was the first week day of school vacation unless of course you count G1’s school catching fire the last week of school..but that is another story.

By agreement of all adults, the children can play an interactive game for only one hour at a time, then they must switch to another activity.  They seem pretty happy with this and after the first hour, the next was swimming in our pool for G1 and playing on the patio with G2 who is not sure he wants to be in this particular 52 inch pool since he cannot easily touch bottom.  (Mind you he has no problem swimming in the cottage lake which I think is about 40 feet AND of course he wears a flotation device.)

Today G2 asked me most seriously if I would take him swimming at the neighborhood pool in the evening.  The attraction here is that he can touch bottom and of course I would not deny him.  I did decide if he forgot to mention it I would not bring the subject up but after dinner as I was preparing for a quiet evening he remembered.  So off we go.

G1 decided to join us and on the way, since it is directly on our path we stopped to invite G1’s best friend J.  The two have passed every swimming course necessary to be on their own which means I can concentrate on G2.  And it takes some serious concentration.  First the cold pool which he insists on playing in as deep as he can go – generally to his ear lobes and he bobs along until he has to grab me for support and then the warm pool which is more shallow.

Anyway no matter where we are, where we go, G2’s world is all about Star Wars or Lego Star Wars although sometimes it is Transformers so I get to be Breeze, the only female in the lot.  Tonight was Star Wars.  Sometimes I am directed to be Count Dooku or Darth Vader or if I am lucky Obi Wan Kenobe or Luke Skywalker or a host of others I am not sure of.  So first I was Count Dooku engaging battle with the young Anakin.  Sometimes I was Darth Vader so I got to say those famous words, “Luke, I am your father.”  But finally toward the end of the swim I got to be Obi Wan.  As I triggered my light saber to fight G2 stops me and says…’ You are not weak, You are not old.  You are the young Obi Wan.”

I am sure at four and a quarter he has no idea how much those words mean to me.  Sigh…such a nice end to the evening!  And I did not even care the looks the life guard gave me as we exited the pool saying..’…ch..” and I had to explain we were in a Darth Vader elevator..(she had the good grace to smile).

14 thoughts on “You are not weak, You are not old; so saith G2”

  1. How fun, Chris! Emily is right. You are a good grandmother.

    (Sorry to have been away all week. Tomorrow’s post should explain my absence from the blogosphere. I’ve missed reading you.)


  2. Without two things in my life, I think I would sink quickly into total decrepitude–First the young ones in my life, including our grands and Punky the Pupl Second: my internet friends. Thank you for being there. You are among those keeping me strong.

    1. It is fun Joss although I must say I have been feeling both old and weak lately and it is interfering with my writing big time. I am even having difficulty putting words to your reference..not because you are not a great writer but because I cannot get the right words together..yet. I am making myself post now to overcome that!

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