My Son wrote this in response to a FB thread. It bears repeating.


Todays rant.
I am neither obese or a smoker but I am old and did quit smoking about ten years ago. I must say that for anyone to insinuate that quitting smoking or curing obesity is as simple as self-control is laughable. The addiction that is associated with nicotine has been said to be harder to quit and longer lasting than that of Heroin. And that is only the chemical addiction. The habits formed by smoking are often much harder to break and are usually the reason why people return to it. 
By the way, no smoker I have ever known was pleased with him or herself when returning to smoking. It signifies that all the hard work, night sweats, shakiness, and other side effects that you endured were for nothing and now you have to start again. If that wasn’t bad enough the feeling of failure is not limited to your own thoughts. Every asshole with an opinion (regardless if they ever smoked or not), takes every opportunity to say “Oh I see your smoking again. Couldn’t hack it?” or something else to that effect. I smoked for about fifteen years and tried to quit many times until it finally stuck. Unfortunately, I can say that even after ten years every once and a while that urge creeps back in and I have to consciously decide to not smoke. 

So unless you’ve tried it don’t tell people how to do it.

Ok, now obesity.

The reason for my original post was to point out that people that are fat, over-weight or obese are not stupid or more importantly, that way because they like it. If obesity is easily cured by self-control, than cancer is just a state of mind. The second part of that sentence is as stupid as the first. At this stage of the game if anyone thinks that someone would really rather wake up and face a world full of people staring at them, shaking their heads or whispering behind their back just so they can eat more crap is shocking and considerably ignorant, (I mean stupid if you’re not getting it). 

Let me see if I can get my point across in a simple, easy to understand way. Obesity, as outlined, can be caused by many different things and conditions such as but not limited to;

Antidepressants, pain medication(s), chemical imbalances in the body, thyroid cancer, other cancers and drugs to combat those diseases, glandular diseases, hereditary conditions, inability to exercise due to injury, developmental issues, mental illness and medications to help people with mental illness to be a functioning part of our society, financial stability and status, and on and on.

Somewhere in there I am sure that self-control must play a part but then you must also take into consideration the persons image of self-worth and self-esteem and what effect you or we are having on it. 
If anyone should try a little of self-control maybe it could start with those who think they have the right to label or diagnose people based on appearances. 

Just my opinion. 


13 thoughts on “My Son wrote this in response to a FB thread. It bears repeating.”

  1. I’ve smoked for 15 years and never wanted to quit. ‘Never wanted’ is a key word here, cause one day I decided that I didn’t want to smoke no more, and so I went on to do something about it. I figured, I’ll replace smoking break with orange eating break. And I made myself peel oranges (which I hate doing – I usually just can an orange…) Any way, every time I felt like smoking, I’d go ahead to peel and eat an orange… till I could not eat oranges no more. So I stopped smoking and eating oranges:). I also had to stop going to certain parties, not because I was afraid I’d fall into temptation to smoke, but because now I could not tolerate smoke from cigarettes that other people were smoking… True story.

    1. Wow that is a great story and yes it often happens that once you quit the smell is worse in others. I especially found it bad if it had been raining and the smell of smoke on wet hair was the worst! When my sister quit she used ice water instead of oranges. It is also true that if you do not want to quit you can’t regardless of the system until ‘you decide’. I guess that is same with most things we do. thanks so much for commenting and apologies my response is so late.

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