Okay! Really? I Swear I Left..

I am the first to admit I am behind the times.  For a very long time in my life I was able to pretend I understood or knew things.  So first of all today I discovered an easier way to read comments from WordPress (which really is much easier than reading my emails), which was a plus.  This is a good thing.

Not such a good thing is the time I decided to spend on Facebook to answer birthday wishes.  (Other than that my Facebook is a pretty quiet site). So what do I find?

Messages that you would find on a dating site.  For a couple – will maybe a few – years I went on dating sites such as Plenty of Fish and one other I can’t quite remember.  I do know I tried Eharmony and that was a total rip off. To sign up you have to give your credit card info then they tell you that if you click on a particular link they will not renew it…liars they are as they kept renewing without permission..but that is beside the point.

The point is I have not done the dating sites for several years. (Not to put such sites down as I made new friends that will last forever though no partner), but I went to my Facebook and there was under Messages  “other” several from it seems people looking to link up.

Now I have pretty much outgrown this whole on site dating thing.  So where does it come from?  Are all of you finding the same thing?  I think Facebook is wonderful but really..this???

21 thoughts on “Okay! Really? I Swear I Left..”

  1. I had some problems with facebook, too. It sent Joss Burnel a birthday card the day BEORE her birthday. I had to go into settings and get rid of all the apps. I had 73. Where did all of those come from?

    1. you’ll find Reader on the wordpress home page. You can read all the blogs you follow there instead of being emailed if you prefer. I haven’t decided if I like it yet or not!

    2. Sorry to take so long Judith. If you go to wordpress.com/my-stats/ a lovely page comes up with your stats and above it are other tabs such as reader and notifications. The great thing about notifications is that all your comments are listed and you just click read and reply. Reader I think lists all the sites you follow. It really is quite lovely.

  2. and as for dating agencies…ooh! I could write a book on those….When I used to frequent them they were called ‘Cow Sheds’ as it was the meeting place fpr married men /women looking for a bit on the side

  3. Yes I have had people wanting to be ‘friends’ not just on Facebook but Skype as well. The other day I saw an entry that asked if you ‘wanted 25000 new friends..just press here..how stupid can you get..no wonder everything is in a mess

  4. Yes, I’ve been using the Reader, Chris and it’s fabulous. If you are missing any blogs in the Reader, go to the blog and click a couple of times on “Following” on the upper bar to the left. It will unsubscribe and then subscribe them to Reader for you.

    I ignore all those weird messages. I sure don’t know how they get to our FB!

  5. Hmmm… I don’t know anything about this ‘other’ thing you mention. However, I have received many emails from people letting me know they have a crush on me – well, they either have a crush on me, or they want to let me know I’ve won 1M in a foreign lottery.

  6. Oh yes, that stupid “other” that FB hides under Messages. I didn’t know about it either until a few months ago. I had a few messages there, though no one wanting to hook up with me. *lol*

    What’s the WordPress timesaver?

    1. Under the other tab ‘notifications’ are all the comments and when you click on it the details appear on the right hand side of the screen. So easy to read answer and reply. Much faster than the way I had been doing it!

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