Will you still need me, will you still feed me, when I’m sixty-four?

Will you still need me; will you still feed me, when I’m sixty-four?

When The Beatles first sang this song in 1967 I was young enough that 35 seemed very old and the thought of ever turning 64 seemed pretty much impossible.  I just didn’t give it much thought.  Well sixty-four now passed me by.

I’ve been musing a lot lately; thinking, considering, evaluating, contemplating.  Probably because I am about to enter my sixty-fifth year and it is a new frontier.  Neither of my folks reached this age and I am the oldest of my siblings and most of my cousins.  I know, I know.  Many of you are saying 65 is not old and I keep hearing things like, ‘sixty is the new forty.’  Well, I remember forty and no it isn’t quite.  The spirit is willing, and there are many things I do that make me feel pretty good, pretty healthy, pretty young, but the song I most identify with is Toby Keith’s ‘As Good As I Once Was’.

‘I ain’t as good as I once was

But I’m as good once as I ever was.’

The most interesting thing to have happened this past week in talking to my friends/family about my party on Friday is that I don’t want any gifts because….and this is the most exciting part…I suddenly realized that there is nothing on this earth that I need or want.

This doesn’t mean that I have everything – it means I am happy, content and satisfied.

I went outside for my usual evening outing to look at the sky last night and on spying the first star I began my little ‘Star light, Star bright, grant the wish I wish tonight’ and stopped just as I started with the realization that I do not have anything to wish for.  And then the epiphany – I am happier right now than I have ever been in my life.  The knowledge came to me quite suddenly and without much ado – it just sort of is.

I still have mountains to climb, dreams to fulfill, stories to create, but I also have happiness, contentment, and gratitude.

I guess as I finish writing this I realize there is a wish I will make on tonight’s star, and that is that every one of you will find this same happiness.

I am fortunate to have people who love me – in spite of myself (I have marveled at that before) and if I have one particular goal this year it will be to let all of them know how much they mean to me.

Who knew?    I do know that this is already the best birthday of my life.

36 thoughts on “Will you still need me, will you still feed me, when I’m sixty-four?”

  1. Okay, Chris, I’ve got you now…I’ve figured out how to get your blog on the Reader so I won’t miss any more of your posts. Happy Birthday, dear woman. It truly is an incredible gift to have so much freedom at a time in life when we know the real from the unimportant! Go for it and keep us informed! 😀

  2. Happy happy birthday Chris. Isn’t it great to realise that there is nothing now missing in your life and that contentment is achievable (without much work from us)? Enjoy, and Chris you are really very young – I am in my 74th year and still have things I would like to do, but hey, what a great life you and I have both had up until now and there is still more to come. Perhaps the Best is Yet to Come. 🙂

  3. Beautiful, Chris. You know this realization of contentment hit me recently too. Yes, there are material things I’m lacking, and as you said, “mountains to climb, dreams to fulfill, stories to create”, but underneath I have a sense of peace and contentment I’ve never had before. Growing older isn’t all peaches and cream, but it has its definite rewards. 🙂

  4. Thanks for the wish. I’ll take it. I feel like I may be heading there, towards contentment, just around the corner. If I could just shut down this “make something of yourself” voice inside of me. Hopefully I will figure out how to do that soon.

    Regardless, I’ve lived my life with the knowledge that if I died tomorrow, I would have had a great life. I’ve been lucky.

  5. Reblogged this on Emotfit's Blog and commented:
    My friend Chris’s wise words. She is blessed by whoever to know contentment; something many of the young ones don’t get yet and for some never comes. My now is my best ever. Not problem free, not wishing for some gifts from the powers that be; but my best for so many of the reason’s Chris lists. And as she wishes the smae for those she loves, so do I. Thank yo Chris.

  6. What a beautiful post Chris – happiness and contentment abound in your heartfelt words, and it was a joy to read. You are indeed blessed. When it comes, may your 65th year continue to bring you many blessings.

  7. Happy Almost 65th Birthday Chris!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! What a beautiful thing to read…happiness, love, contentment in life and still full of dreams and goals. 🙂 And thank you for sharing your wish with us.

  8. I want to be just like you when I`m 65- still trying new things- still wearing out the grandkids- still contemplating my navel when the need arises- I`m watching and learning. Happy Bday.

    1. Thanks Joss! It’s a busy week for sure. I think I lost Christine’s phone number and wanted to call her for a coffee get together. Does she have mine? How are the plans for your next venture coming? I am just catching up on reading blogs so will check for updates there!!

  9. Happy birthday, Chris. Congratulations on finding contentment. I am not always happy – being moody makes that emotion challenging, (smile) but I am content.
    I love your words of wisdom, and I wish you the happiest of everything here on out.

  10. Happy 65th Birthday Chris….It might seem like a big milestone but I assure you that 70+ is worse. Like you there are things that I can no longer do, like bending down…still it’s not a problem..I get someone else to do it.. There is only one life..this is not a practice run..make the most of it. love Patrecia

  11. What a wonderful post this is, Chris 🙂 Happy Birthday early!!! I’m glad you wish on stars, too. This is just such a happy uplifting post and it really makes me smile 🙂 🙂

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