The Perfect Day

What is a perfect day for you?

For some I imagine it a day full of unbelievable surprises like winning the lottery, or giving birth, or meeting your soul mate, or finding your inner strong self.  I suppose it could be a raise at work or recognition for a job well done or maybe just not getting caught in the wide arc of fecal material after it hit the rotary blades.

For those with devastating illnesses or acute/chronic pain or heartache it could just be a day where nothing gets worse than it already is and you have the strength to just be.

What is a perfect day for you?

Me? I had one of those days yesterday and the one word to describe the perfection? It flowed. No bumps, no tantrums, no surprises. It flowed and felt smooth. I surprised myself when this thought occurred to me last evening. No drama. A welcome peace. I imagine my description of a perfect day even a year ago would have been different.

What is a perfect day for you?

14 thoughts on “The Perfect Day”

  1. I love it when those days flow. They are magic! They are…flowing. May your day flow today and tomorrow and the next day.

  2. A perfect day
    Chris – there is something perfect in every day but a whole perfect day. Lucky you. Enjoy.
    I am catching up on reading blogs so am working backwards. Please bear with me.

  3. Perfect day… Never had one. Closest thing would be a day where I feel I lived something close to my purpose. Maybe a day I managed to teach somebody something when I didn’t even realize I was doing it.

  4. Going for a nice long walk with my honey, enjoying the scent of honeysuckle in the air, then grilling steaks and sharing a bottle of wine. Cheers to perfect days!

  5. I’m glad to hear of your perfect day. My perfect day? I like your description “no bumps, no tantrums no surprises”. I suppose being joyful with what I am doing all day, family and friends interactions, biking, feeling physically well and emotionally balanced (a very good treat indeed!).

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