My Friend Joss

My friend Joss is an author.  She lives in eastern Canada and today I got to have lunch with her and her friend Christine.  Joss is visiting southern Ontario and happened to be spending part of that time here in Hamilton, hence the opportunity for us to meet.  I have followed Joss’ wordpress site here almost since I started blogging.  Initially it was her poetry and witty, common sense approach to life and events that drew my interest.

Then we discovered we had more than mutual adoration in common; we shared the challenge of coping with and conquering fibromyalgia.  Well conquering is perhaps a little misleading as one never does conquer; one learns to live with and adapt and Joss has done this amazingly well.  It never goes away but it can be tempered and Joss has been flare-up free for almost ten years.  Me?  I have done well since 1986 but I cannot list any particular number of years as being flare-up free however I am continuing to learn and much of that learning has been via Joss.  She talks about it being a journey and that it is and oh my, like any journey it is better because of the folk you meet along the way who provide encouragement and support.

Thank you for your wonderful book Joss and for your personal support!

Her new book ‘What I Know About Fibro’ provides information and inspiration and I encourage anyone who has dealt with pain in any form to read it!

Now please note that below the table has no food on it but I swear we had a delightful lunch!

18 thoughts on “My Friend Joss”

  1. How wonderful that you got to meet each other face to face after following each other’s blogs for so long! I love the photo, you look like you have been friends forever!

      1. And if we get back up to Canada we will meet for sure! Lunch? My treat! 🙂

  2. It’s really as though both bloggers been friends for years – right Chris? It’s amazing how familiar we feel – and it’s only been an electronic connection. Love it.

  3. Oh, so glad to hear you got to meet your friend. I remember your writing about her book. I wrote about meeting blogging friends a week or two ago–“Top 10 Reasons to Join the Bloggy Blast” and another called “A Crash Course in Wedding Correspondence.” Hope you have a lovely weekend, my friend.

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