Foolery, Tom Foolery, A Day of…

When I was young I thought April Fool’s Day a nuisance and really had  no patience for it at all.  Then I had a period where I have heartedly engaged in some sportful way.  Mostly now I like to laugh at the ingenuity of others.  You know, people who put some actual planning into it.  Its a day for pranks with a twist to the good natured side.  Not spiteful or mean.  Just funny.

I was surprised to discover the day actually has a long history to it going back as far as 1392 found in Chaucer‘s Canterbury TalesWikipedia naturally has a detailed listing of it ( who are these people and how do they get such information?) and it seems to be world wide.  There are so many usual pranks but the funniest for me was that on April 1, 1698 several people were tricked into going to the Tower of London to ‘see the Lions washed.’

It seems people have been sticking notes to the backs of others’ clothing for centuries, so nothing original there.  Wiki also tells us about jokes in other countries around the world. The Iranians call the day Sizdah Bedar and is stated as the ‘oldest prank-tradition in the world still alive today.  Alas France and Spain seem to largely follow tradition by sticking paper to the victims’ backs, but the Flemish have children locking out their parents and teachers and only letting them in when they promise to bring treats that evening or the same day.  Some of the countries celebrate the same idea but on different days of the year.

Perhaps it is just people saying, “Let’s have a little laugh and forget our troubles for a bit.”  I do enjoy the planning and originality of some.

Do you remember what Word Press did on this day last year?

Are you a prankster?

What is the best April Fool’s you have ever taken part in or heard of?

Happy jokester day my friends!’_Day

16 thoughts on “Foolery, Tom Foolery, A Day of…”

  1. Many years ago, all of us who could be a teller at the Bank where we worked, phoned in sick. We gathered at a coffee shop close by where we could see into the bank. We still showed up on time, but before arriving, we thought it was a riot watching the supervisors huddled and looking desperate.

    Now? I think we were brats! 😀 We could have given our poor manager a heart attack.

      1. They laughed politely, but they showed signs of having been mildly traumatized. Having gone on to become a bank manager, if staff had done that to me, I suspect I would only have been able to laugh much later!

        Of course, there were no cash machines so it was quite a message to my little brain about the significance of tellers. Guess who was paid least. No wonder I went on to Head Office and became the (paid) watchdog for women’s rights.

  2. I am usually so busy keeping guard so that I am not the target of a prank that I forget to be a prankster myself!

  3. I’m not a big prankster. My biggest memory of April Fool’s comes from Sixty Minutes. They ran an old story about a farm in Italy, I think. It was the great spaghetti harvest, and they showed workers pulling noodles off trees. Here it is – I guess they said it took place in Switzerland.

  4. Oh, I had forgotten about what WordPress did last year until I read Chatter Master’s comment. I tend not to come up with good practical jokes to pull on others, but I sure fall for them in a big way–no kidding!

  5. At our high school convent we always stood when the teacher came into the room, then she would say good morning and you may sit. When she said Sit Girls, we immediately sat straight onto the floor where our seats would have been. We laughed so hard we could not even get up!! We thought we were the funniest pranksters in the world and brilliantly we ALL did it, thirty something girls in school uniforms!! still makes me laugh.. so silly! c

  6. My Dad was born on March 31, just one day short of his favourite day of the year, April Fool’s Day. He loved it and was so good at it. Even though we expected him to play a trick on us, we always managed to fall for it. He has been gone for 5 years now but we always think of him fondly on this day. I called Mom this morning and my brother had already called and fooled her. I guess he is carrying on the tradition. Happy April Fool’s Day!!

  7. Yes I remember what WordPress did! I knew it as soon as I saw it but even knowing it was a joke it was GREAT to see that many numbers!

    I love it when people do jokes/pranks for fun! I appreciate everyone’s creativity!

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