News Alert Regarding Pennies For…..

Our federal budget is out and of course there are a lot of yeah sayers and nay sayers accompanying it, but for the first time in a long time our government is a majority so its not going to matter much.  But what really did matter in yesterday’s news?  What touched the heart of this tax payer bringing a sad sigh and warm thoughts of days gone by?

The Canadian Government is getting rid of the penny.  Our copper penny.  Not surprising is the news that each one cent penny costs 1.4 cents to make.  So much in life is going to have to change.  No more putting in your two cents worth or giving a penny for  your thoughts.  And what about poor penny lane?  A penny saved was a penny earned but not for many many years now as it just wasn’t worth it.  No more pennies in the fountain.

What about bad pennies?  What will come back in their place?  What will you have if you no longer have a penny to your name?  If there are no more pennies what will heaven send us?  And will our good luck disappear altogether as in, ‘Find a penny, pick it up, All day long you’ll have good luck.’

Will the free newspaper called the Penny Saver go out of business?  Will we lose wieght as ‘in for a penny, in for a pound’?

When it comes to our daily taxes the government already rounds up the number.  Will they now just skip nickels and round up to the nearest dollar?

Will there be a penny spending spree where everyone who has gallon jugs of pennies will suddenly want them gone?  What are used pennies good for any way?

Perhaps, a penny for your thoughts?

17 thoughts on “News Alert Regarding Pennies For…..”

  1. Well when I was growing up we used to say ‘spend a penny’ A penny opened the lavatory door in the department stores. Wonder what it costs now?
    And here in NZ we don’t have pennies; our smallest coin is the 10 cent. So watch out – this may be the next step for your government.

  2. I just caught drift of the food labeling issue. That is opening the doors to total chicanery. Are these people asleep or are they just completely cocooned from reality?

  3. Well now, you’ve given me a lot to think about. Since the penny’s going away, I’ll share my thoughts for a nickle.

  4. The beauty of the morning, your casual and laid back wear, exude the happiness of the day. Thank you for sharing such a happy time in your shared history at a gorgeous site on a very memorable day.

    1. I am glad to hear this comment did not belong here LOL as I wasn’t sure how it related and thought you might have some eerie inside info I did not. But I was going to acknowledge your thoughts pretending I did know. 🙂

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