Oil Changes and Assumptions

It’s nice to have time to sit quietly.  Where does one get this kind of time in the early morning?  Why at a Canadian Tire waiting for an oil change.  It’s quite lovely really sitting in an empty waiting room listening to the fellow at the front desk click away sporadically at his keyboard or field a call of enquiry on what services they provide and the resultant cost.

There has been a hint of summer approaching and babble that we would just skip spring altogether this year.  Ah then nature asserts his or her (why do we think of nature as a her?)  well..nature and we are reminded not to assume…anything..ever.  It makes me wonder how almanacs can be written with frequent accuracy or near accuracy so far into the future.  In the midst of our premature summer and early suntans we had one day and night of cold.  Cold enough to turn the beautiful pink magnolia blossoms brown and limp just hours before they were ready to burst in glory.   Three hardy little daffodils that surfaced earlier remain buttering an otherwise blah garden bed. We are so easily spoiled and then disappointed, forgetting there are basic reliable rules, one of those being, do not plant anything before May 24th.  Of course the way the weather is going it could be winter by then.  No, just kidding!  But not assuming anything.

And now the forecast is for 3-5 mm of snow tomorrow.  It may be a teaser but if not we will just wait it out.  Good thing I got my tan in the first to weeks of March!

7 thoughts on “Oil Changes and Assumptions”

  1. Our spring came early, and we are experiencing temperatures in the 80s this week. The warm weather is bringing out the bugs in greater numbers. Still, I love the longer daylight and the gentle breezes. May spring come to you soon… after this new batch of snow, that is.

  2. Oh Can – a – da! It’s throwing more curves than we know how to handle! Warm winters??!! Tans in March??

    Glorious and free amidst all the changes. I’ll take it, Chris!

  3. It was in the 80’s last week. Freeze warning tomorrow. What is one going to do but wear a coat or not! 🙂

  4. Summer passed us by totally this year and now it is autumn. Cold nights but brisk sunny days so we can still enjoy our walks together – that is Lotte and me.

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