Kirk Cameron has a right to voice his opinion

Recently Kirk Cameron was asked his opinion by that ass Piers Morgan who was seeking to attain better sensationalism ratings by knowingly bringing up controversial topics. Kirk gave his known opinion and as a result is suffering outrageous response reaction.
The opinion..yours, mine, his, does not matter. What does matter is his right to express that opinion, which by the way he was not forcing on us.
He spoke true to his beliefs but it seems free speech is only acceptable when the words are acceptable to the very groups who initially had to fight for the right.


26 thoughts on “Kirk Cameron has a right to voice his opinion”

  1. There is nothing free about free speech. You can say what you want but you have to be ready to bear the consequences of what you say.

    Kirk Cameron is not above this immutable law.

    1. Absolutely true…there are always consequences of some sort but I am beginning to believe the gent who said, “I do not agree with what you say but I will defend to the death your right to say it.” may have been one of a kind.

  2. I have read Kirk’s New book and I support him no matter what. He is a Christian and I love his entire family…. Great writing today.

  3. Free speech is a double edged sword. Opinion prefaced as opinion is also. In fact i think if the media decides to make a meal of you, then you must prepare to be fried. I would hate to be in the public eye at all.. c

    1. I think Oprah has a better venue and reputation for welcoming other points of view..she lends some dignity to it. Piers Morgan will no doubt have had something to do with the press reaction. He is still trying to prove something and not doing it well I think. Cooper Anderson is another similar to Morgan. But that is only my opinion..the public at large will buy the BS

  4. I was just talking about this with a friend. While Kirk’s opinion is different from mine, I am so dissappointed in how quick public/ media/ groups have been to bash him. He was asked a question. He offered his honest answer. I didn’t think he was in any way cruel or overly harsh. I respect him for having the courage to stick by his belief, even if that belief is not necessarily what I believe in.

  5. I believe everyone has a right to an opinion. This is why we live in a democracy. If his views were liberal and he said what everyone else wanted to hear, this wouldnt be happening. He did not say anything hateful or mean, he just said what he felt. I have no problem with people that are gay, i do however have a problem with redefining marriage. I think that everyone deserves the same rights, and deserves to be loved, but the word marriage is what it is. Union or any other word to define it woud be alright with me. Love is love, no matter what and no one should have to hide. That goes for people like cameron that has his feelings and wished to express them.

  6. I have never heard of Kirk Cameron and since Larry King left the show, I watch only rarely. But I shall go on and look at those trailers. Even if my views and opinions are not the same as his, I second the call for him to be allowed to voice these; in fact, isn’t that what your constitution gives as a right to your citizens (and others)?

  7. I never watch tv so missed out on that fascinating Q & A. Asking someone there opinion is often a trap laid by the questioner and is rarely well received. Sometimes it is simpler to respond with “why would you want to know that?’ I think well meaning people often give their opinion about something only to be dragged through the mud afterwards. isn’t there a verse in the Bible about not casting your pearls before swine?

  8. I saw the interview. Though I don’t “agree” with Kirk, I did appreciate that he seemed to try and be diplomatic in expressing his opinion. He was point blank asked a question, in reference to his family and his opinion and how he would handle something. That’s between he and his family.

    I like what your other readers say too, though, about when it wasn’t always necessary to give away every thought you have (I say as I am getting ready to write my blog!).

    Good post Chris. We need to be aware of what we “say” versus what we “do”. Don’t scream free speech if you don’t mean it. It’s okay to disagree with Kirk or other’s opinions. But why does disagreeing always have to result in such hate and anger?

  9. Amen, Chris!! I didn’t see the interview – I know nothing about the questions or opinions expressed. Regardless of my ignorance, I know we are all entitled to our opinion.
    I miss the days when silence was golden. We are all free to express our opinion – yet I think it takes greater skill and discipline to be silent and put opinions into actions rather than hot air.

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