Sun and Sand

Sun and Sand beckons

I can see it on the rise

Far from wintery winds and snow

Palms and surf will meet my eyes.

Cayo Largo beckons

And hither I flee

But I will think of you

Till I return to thee.

And it is Margaritas in each hand!

Adios Amigos see you in a week!




25 thoughts on “Sun and Sand”

    1. I swear I thought of you and my farmy friends just about everyday and yes I thought of you trudging out at the break of dawn and mostly I kept can I describe this? How would Celi describe it? Honest..having read all your posts and your wonderful style I have been trying to figure out how I can achieve your level of communication. that you are conquering sustainability, and cooking, and Celi Cards next I need you to give writing lessons!

    1. I read this just before I left Barb but did not have time to reply HOWEVER I had a margarita a day just for you..not for me..just for you! And you did enjoy it very much! PS eventually I did switch to Gin and tonic and I think you enjoyed those too!

      1. πŸ™‚ I’m glad to have you “back”! I loved your post. It made me want to be there! Except for the Iguana part!

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