The Life of Jamie requires assistance

My poor frustrated blogging pal Jaime is facing a certain brick wall and has posted a plea on her site above. It seems her wee ones have limited culinary tastes and regardless of attempts to make said meals delightful and intriguing and fun, they refuse to play the game. Now I know she will get some great advice, but having from current young parents but I do have a couple of suggestions compliments of my currant experience as Granny Nanny, Queen of Hamilton.
We are pretty lucky with G1 as he is eight, in a growth spurt with a matching appetite, There are several things he won’t eat but is becoming more adventurous in trying new things. Breakfast is probably the worst meal of the day for him.
G2 on the other hand sounds much like what you are experiencing.

Throwing them in the oven is a no no and has been ever since that wicked witch tried to lure Hansel and Gretal into her pot. Society frowned. Sorry kid.

I have found lunch more successful with G2 when we sit quietly at the table with only the plate in front of him. I only put out the milk after he has eaten a significant amount. He always asks for dessert but he must meet a certain standard and alas dessert is not always attained.

I don’t send him to his room as he is a grandchild, but I will say there is nothing further til dinner. When my sons were that age they were excused from the table but not sent to their rooms. This way they had a view to the rest of us enjoying our food. I don’t think I would remove their toys as then it becomes a punishment rather than a matter of choice and really once they get hungry it sure makes them appreciate the next meal. Although I could be wrong on this or on any bits I offer.

For G1’s breakfast as he honestly doesn’t seem to have much of an appetite I make a smoothie that includes a whole banana, milk and fruit, blueberries, or mixed berries or melons. I also add a small amount of ice cream. But it means he gets something nutritious.

I don’t know if this is of any help but am sure you will receive many other words of wisdom.  So if  y’all have some advice please head off to let her know.

10 thoughts on “The Life of Jamie requires assistance”

  1. I have determined that I need to starve them to get them to eat. We cut snacks after 3 and they have been eating. We also have given up the “fight”. You don’t eat, you don’t eat. Done.

  2. My Cranky Old Lady Grannykat advice: Never, never, say “You might like it.” . I have never heard a child willing to try something burst into happy song and say “Oh, please, give me more, oh pleas,please, I love it, Give me a whole plate of that wonderful stuff.”

    I say, “Try, it one bite and that’s all I ask.”

    I also talk about food as fuel, not something we always like.

    Finally, I talk about hating some foods and then growing up and finding you like them.

    A hard battle. Good luck all.

  3. I agree with all of the above, and i will add that 3 o’clock afternoon tea is also a great time to get kids to eat. They are hungry, it is casual and a perfect time for a colourful array of raw vegetables and fruit. Then dinner can be a less pressured affair as you literally can serve just a small attainable amount that he or she will learn to sit down and consume without fuss. Kids don’t have big tummies. I also agree with Chris that they need to learn to eat what you have chosen for them, and that is all. But only offer as much as they CAN eat when you are training them TO eat. Secondly, when your toddler is in a good mood, tell him or her the rules of dinner time, so that they know exactly what you expect. And the repercussions of getting it either right or wrong. Kids like to know what to expect. it helps them learn to make good choices. c

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