What Not To Say To Your Spouse of 45 Years

What Not To Say To Your Spouse of 45 Years

My Dad loved his movie camera and got his first one in the early sixties.  When my folks died in the early 80s I was charged with taking care of the tub of photos (none of which were identified) and the canisters of movie film.  My middle sister and her hubby borrowed those movies some years later and were given charge over their preservation which they did very well.

Then a couple of months ago they found out the movies could be professionally transferred to DVD.  This was the reason for tonights dinner party.  A set of DVDs were made for each of us, my sister prepared a feast of lasagna and Caesars salad and the rest of us brought the extras.  The dinner was a smash hit and everybody raved about the lasagna (my sister being one of the best cooks ever.)

Her husband, my brother in law, who is a great guy, wanted to jump on the praise bandwagon and began to rave on about the perfection of this particular main course and that’s when it happened.

“Honey this is the best lasagna you have ever made!”

“Well,” she said, “I decided to do it a little differently.”

“You know,” he said to the rest of us, “For forty-five years I have been eating dry lasagna and this is perfect!”

OOPS….silence…as we wait…


We all burst out laughing but the subject came up a few  times during the rest of the viewing and I’ll betcha it will be discussed again and again and again in the next forty-five years.

14 thoughts on “What Not To Say To Your Spouse of 45 Years”

    1. I talked to my sister the other day and she and her hubby are still laughing about it but she will continue to needle him about it for awhile at least until some new gaffe is made. I think it is the humor about these things that make them so strong.

  1. That is really funny Chris. I just ate some left over tuna casserole from last night- which I didn`t eat last night but everyone else did. The potatoes were just as crunchy as when I cut them. No one told me dinner wasn`t cooked when it was served.

  2. What a wonderful sister and brother-in-law to digitize your archives! And to turn it into a dinner reunion. Sounds like a wonderful evening in spite of the fact one put his foot into his mouth. Thank you for sharing about your family gathering.

  3. Ha! That’s too funny, Chris. At the moment, I’m the keeper of our family’s photos, which I am hoping to digitize. Great gift–if I manage to pull it off.

    Hope you have enjoying your weekend!


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