And The Winner is…New Zealand!

I heard on the radio yesterday that a survey was done to determine the friendliest country in the world and New Zealand was the winner. This does not surprise me in the least – right Judith and Cecilia? – and I was pretty happy for my friends.
I do have an issue with surveys and wonder about the second third and fourth runner ups. (Canada was third, the USA fourth and I think South Africa was second).
I know how friendly Scotland and The Netherlands is, so I would like to know exactly how the survey was compiled. Was every country rated? I’ll bet lots of you know countries that could or should have been top rated.

15 thoughts on “And The Winner is…New Zealand!”

  1. well congratulations to NZ..someone has to win so why not NZ..However having travelled to foreign climes..I have found that the natives are friendly to everyone. There may be one or two exceptions but on the whole..the big wide world deserves to win the friendliest country award

  2. I wonder how the survey was conducted too? I haven’t travelled much myself, but did once know another mum, a very very homesick New Zealander …

    Interesting post!

  3. I would love to go there… “nicest people in the world.” How cool I did not know. Thanks for stopping by my blog to comment on my cats, I love them!!!

  4. But how do they rate friendly.. I THINK I am friendly but generally Americans do not GET my friendliness! So most of the time out here i am just Friend Less. (and from NZ). Like you i would like to know the criteria.. oh and who is judith? c

  5. Yes congratulations to them! But I’ve had loads of luck with every place I’ve ever traveled or with persons from other locals who have come here. Friendly is as friendly does!!!!! (Forrest and his momma would like that!).

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