Beyonce JZ New Baby..YuuuCh

I am so sick of overly rich people adoring their new borns.  Even Jennifer Garner who I have admired says she will do anything for the happiness of her children.  Excuse me but that turns my old age stomach.  Life, and I don’t care how rich you are, is not easy and children should,in my opinion, be taught that it is hard, something to be conquered.  Instead the new young are being taught they are adored, and will grow to believe the world owes them something, and by God they will throw a tantrum until they get it.

For some reason, far beyond my ken, life is meant to be hard, I don’t know why but it is.  I don’t care if you believe in fate, the now of it all, or nothing at all.  Life is hard.  And if you think that parents who give all to their young on a silver platter, and constantly tell them…you are wonderful, you are magic, you are the be all and end all…well all I can say there is much disappointment waiting beyond tomorrow.

There are lessons to be learned.  Forget the silver platters because when it comes down to the nuts and bolts of it all..well there are just nuts and bolts.

What have you taught your children today?   What will they remember?

16 thoughts on “Beyonce JZ New Baby..YuuuCh”

  1. I agree with you! We try to teach our boys to work hard, save money, spend it wisely, be kind and respectful to others. Nothing is free! Some days I feel like a slave-driver compared to some of my friends. Our boys are growing up confident and I believe they feel loved.
    I was sickened when I was in a public bathroom and over heard a mother of a toddler praising her child, 5 times, during the handwashing and hand drying task. A simple thank you works for me!

  2. I couldn’t agree with you more, that life is difficult. What I also believe is that one can go too far in either direction. My mother was so overly focused on teaching us that life was hard, that she instead taught her kids to fear life. I think too much of any lesson is a bad thing. Life is hard. And life is beautiful and full and amazing, as well.

  3. HI Bridges, Thanks for *liking* my post on “the diary of a Spider”.

    In response to your post when the father of my children died when they were ten and fourteen it may have been the best thing to happen for them in some ways. We were never rich and then I had to support them. They learned independence and responsibility early on and never thought life would be served on a silver platter. One thing though… I wish I could have spent more time with them. 🙂

    1. How brave you must have been and continue to be! Independence can be a tough lesson…yes I wish I also could have spent more time with my sons. I thought I gave them the best life possible..but now I wonder if I could have been ‘more there’. Good for you having done what you did!

  4. My children understand that nothing worthwhile is easy. Toys are not a given, they are earned. Work is expected of all. A parents love is given freely. In life respect must be earned.

    My parents taught us all to love, to work, to be honest and to care. Life would be hard, a challenge to be confronted.

    A life of privilege is not always a good thing.

    Love your blog.

    1. Thanks MrM. I think somewhere along the way we are forgetting to tell our children that nothing worthwhile is easy. Some do of course..but I guess in the sixties when everyone painted us a being druggies that most did in fact become responsible..

  5. my daughter refers to the generation behind her – the ones now in their early twenties as the “entitlement generation”. What has she learned from me? Be there for your friends. Always do what makes sense to you. Breathe through your nose!

  6. Hear, hear. You know how I rant about kids being given too much. I recommend no college until have been self supporting for two years and I do mean self supporting. So proud of my son’s wrok ethics. Made up for not having a lot of money for extras. Nice post.

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