I Asked For Wisdom

I asked for wisdom and got it and found it is painful to be so wise.

I asked for strength then decided I could never have the strength I needed, so I left it to God and the Universe to be my strength.

I asked for patience and realized that all things flow in their own time and patient or not changes nothing.

I asked for independence and found value in interdependence as no one is just one.

I have gotten everything I have ever asked for and found there is truth in  ‘Be careful for what you wish’.   I wonder when it was I realized I wished for the wrong things?

And knowing the power of The Wish I hesitate in the doorway of another year afraid to get it wrong but needing to get it right.  I wonder if that indeed is wisdom?

26 thoughts on “I Asked For Wisdom”

  1. Yeah, I stopped asking for patience. And when I realized that I’m a hard-headed learner, I added the extension…”Please give me wisdom, but don’t make it hurt.”
    Wonderful post. Thanks for the beautiful reminder of what’s important.

  2. Love this post Chris. And while I didn’t wish for you in 2011 you appeared in my life and will continue to be there as you are on my wish list for 2012. 🙂

  3. Very profound Chris – it makes you think! “Be careful for what you wish for” has always stayed with me since I heard it years ago somewhere.
    Happy 2012 my dear friend!

  4. Reminds me of my favorite line from the movie The Field of Dreams.

    Some days you win.
    Some days you lose.
    Some days it rains.

    My mother raised me on a number of sayings. Two were: “If wishes were horses, beggars would ride.” and “Nothing ventured, nothing gained. ”

    Realized reading your posts that those two sayings–which I hated hearing–sharped me in ways I didn’t necessary want and often wished hadn’t happened. I also brings on the salty waters. The saying made me do lots more with my life than I imagined. Moreover, I suspect have made me more content than if my what I wished for had been granted.

    Complicated isn’t it? Thank you Chris, I didn’t wish for you, but glad you were given to me.

  5. Wow, that is profound.. esp patience, everything in its own time whether you are patient or not! I need to scrawl that one in red lipstick across the mirror!! c

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