(YAWN) And Another Day Passes WHA?


(YAWN) And Another Day Passes WHA???

Perhaps I have been in a dream for the last few days and have revived long enough to post…something, never before having vacated my keyboard for such a long time.  It certainly doesn’t look good for a devoted postaday2011 participant to not postaday.

I could say the hustle and bustle of the season has me otherwise occupied, and that I am baking, shopping, wrapping, singing, decorating.   Something that would sound legit and noble all at the same time.

Alas the sad truth is that my nimble, flying across the key board fingers have been engaged in one activity, that being the flying across knitting needles.  I have but one major gift to complete and normally as I tend to amble along the path of crafty creation, such a venture would take months normally.  Truth be told, and you know I am always truthful mostly, I actually bought the materials a few months ago.  There was a big sale my sister hauled me to in September.  She is not only the crafty one..I means the craftsman or crafts woman of the family, she actually completes what she starts in good time.  Hmm which may explain why her marriage has lasted four plus decades and my attempts at such institution have….but I digress.

I expect that if I could get my….together I could accomplish all things desired but for now …aw heck I will aim at the new year to deal with my procrastination..

Now I am not free of my literary hauntings as there are posts begging to be, well posted.  My review of 11/22/63 is getting less patient each day it is delayed but as I wish to do it justice it will wait.  And I am so dying to do an endearing post on the only proper version of Dickens Christmas Carol/Scrooge, the one with Alistair Sims, which I watched the other night which I have entitled ‘Cut me throat and tear me liver if I be lying.’. I love that line so much it could be no other. And then there is the hilarious one about a Christmas gift to the postman who…nope can’t do it now.  It just has to wait.

My friend, Procrastination, has taken complete control so my focus remains singular…knit..knit..knit.  If I conquer this baby by The 24th there will be no stopping me in what I can achieve!

Two people I think about all the time though…

a dear blogger in Bulgaria of all places Patrecia at 

and my own hero Mark facing what could be the best or worst surgery of his life at redriverpak.wordpress.com

If you have a couple extra prayers or well wishes do send their way.

I have a whole bunch of folk I could ask for but right now these guys are a good place to start.

20 thoughts on “(YAWN) And Another Day Passes WHA?”

  1. Chris, I have two baby bibs in my sewing box, partially embroidered, and now those babies are over 40. So what advice can I give?? None. Best wishes in completing your project and to your blogger friends. As I read recently in a small town newspaper, this season, regardless of one’s faith tradition, is a good time to think beyond one’s self.

  2. Good luck with your last minute knitting! My knitted gifts are usually contemplated way ahead of time, started with a decent amount of time to spare… and finally finished about an hour before I have to give the gift to my recipient. (If I’m lucky!) Procrastination and I are the best of friends. 🙂

    I’ll be sending my thoughts out to your two bloggers as well. I already ‘know’ Mark but will have to check out Patrecia’s post.

  3. How sweet of you to mention Mark. I love that man and do, indeed, pray for his surgical success. Good luck with your knitting efforts, as well. Can’t wait to see how it all turns out. Happy holiday hugs to you, my friend——-

  4. Thank you so much Pretty Lady…… Have a great day and keep knitting away! I agree totally about A Christmas Carol…… the old classic is the best. Same thing with the original Miracle on 34th Street, White Christmas, It’s a Wonderful Life, and others. You can’t beat the classics 🙂

  5. I hope we get a picture of this present! And I have kept abreast of Mark’s upcoming (highly anticipated) surgery. Oh how I hope this performs the miracle he needs. I’d love to see him atop his beloved hiking trails taking more pictures next year! I will say a prayer for your other friend and check out her blog. Chris, you are such a kind soul.

  6. Better get knitting then Chris, you can do it by the 24th, I know you can – and then look out world, there will be no stopping you!
    My thoughts and prayers are with Patrecia in Bulgaria and for Mark.
    Sending much love to both.

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