Everyone I read, I love.  Of course.  That’s why I read them.  I had a thought that I should write down their brilliance, and might get a post out of it, but once I started I realized I would have to go on and on and on and would never get done.  I love so many of you who are not here but time, space and rapidly advancing age prevented me from completion.  And yes I truly wish I had the wit, the capability, the originality for uttering such gems.


Lover of words, drinker of wine, liar by necessity. I write life as fiction … and blog about the experience. Author of The Brevity of Roses.


A Blog about Sex, Murder, Movies, Music, Idiots, and other silly subjects that appeal to Common Simpletons


Once upon a time, there was a little, oddly-shaped hermit girl who lived in a small, hippie-inspired apartment in a big city far, far away from home.  She had opinions on lots of things and felt like dedicating her life to a cause greater than herself.  Without being able to go outside for fear of the stupidity of society,  and with nothing to contribute to the world but her loudmouthed mockery, she made a pact with herself to reignite her blog and to post every single day in 2011.   And in a true display of creativity and wit, she named it The Jackie Blog.
Check out the introduction of its rebirth here.


Wife of 1.  Mom of 2.  Going crazy by 3!
Loving wife, happy homemaker, skilled craftsman, expert marksman, big game hunter, roller derby enthusiast, synchronized swimmer, accomplished singer, award-winning bodybuilder, left-wing political activist, humanitarian, thespian, best-selling author, Miss May 2003, lover of polka music, former exotic dancer, and loving and caring Mother to my two kids.


Susanthecoach’s Blog
Susan Castle empowers people to live rich and wonderful lives with unconventional wisdom, and inspires them to realise their dreams


The Good Greatsby
With your host Paul Johnson, a man whose mother raved about his comedic writing talents, describing his work as, ‘I don’t get it,’ and ‘Is the page with the funny part missing?’


A NZ girl married to an American fella, living on the prairies. Growing, cooking and eating using sustainable and organic methods. We tell a lot of stories at our table. Sometimes I even get to write a few for you. Welcome. I am here most days. celi



Uhm.  That pretty much says it.  I am not very witty.  Though I love humor.  I can’t write funny.  But I can read funny.  I’ll write because I have something to say.  I’ll write because I need to physically write.  Love that process.  Sorry for anything dull.  Sorry for anything crappy.  But if you hit upon a gem…. YAY me!


Hi… My name is Patrecia, also known on here as  Misswhiplash. I am 72 years of age . I am English but I live in Bulgaria with my husband Neville , five dogs, one cat and  two donkey.


A number of people have commented about the negative image that the word “crone” brings to mind.
First I want to say that I love being a Crone.  Second, I chose the name  intuitively and very deliberately.
Long ago, when women held a place of honour in society, women of a certain age were referred to as crones.  Back then, Crone meant “wise woman” and it was known that women who had lived a number of decades had seen and lived through enough turmoil, joy, pain and grace, that they had words of wisdom and insight to offer the community.

16 thoughts on “I WISH I HAD SAID THAT!!”

  1. Very good blog list indeed. I have to tent to agree with eof737. Once you start picking through bloggers, reading, you will be there greeting the sun. Some extremely talented people out there.

  2. Hi Chris,

    It is nice to see people blog highlighted.I had some wonderful reading. I saw more in your blogroll which I will read. Felt a little sad that you missed :(.

    it was great post.


  3. Chris you are truly incredible. Thanks for the shout out! AND thanks for pointing us out to other blogs. I have found more great blogs to read because of you!!!!! You really should get a finder’s fee! 🙂

  4. Thank you for the mention, Chris. It looks like I should check out these other blogs. I’ve been to Joss’s I’m sure, couldn’t resist the title since I embraced the crone when I let my hair go gray. 🙂

  5. Thanks so much for yet another shout-out Chris! My next check is in the mail. I may be a dead man once Jamie reads her description…since a certain mischevious idiot may, or may not have, tinkered with her bio a bit while he was babysitting her blog a few weeks ago….. 🙂

      1. The fireworks show is in the planning stages…it has something to do with an extra ingredient in his IV when he has his surgery. I don’t know if he will come out with breasts, but that’s the hope!

  6. There is an old old saying that you must love The Crone in a woman before you can begin to love the woman.(paraphrasing of course) . thank you for this post Chris, i am going to go back and saunter about meeting your friends! c

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