When Going Gets Tough, The …uh Well I

When the Going Gets Tough ….I think I’ll

Wait.  That’s right my friends.  I find just waiting it out works most of the time.  None of this ‘the tough get going’.  I suppose when I was younger and had more energy the  ‘get going’ part was easier.  Inspiring and energizing even.  But oh my, now just waiting it out seems smarter.


The saying is attributed by some to Joseph Kennedy, legendary father to President John F. Kennedy (1888-1969) and to Knute Rockne who was a football player and a pretty smart man (one of his most famous sayings was, ‘Win this one for the Gipper which was famously used throughout early era movies.)


Now the idea is that when difficult situations arise, people of strong character don’t just lie around and complain but get going to solve the problem, which is fine for all you energy sodden folk.


I used to take the need to get going rather seriously but with the wisdom that comes with years I have discovered most things either resolve themselves or at least present a clearer easier solution when considered.  Sometimes old-fashioned ‘pondering’, which, is pretty low energy requirement, works much better.  Leaves the mind open to possibilities.


Getting going is such an aggressive approach, even more than the mighty oak which is less aggressive but more resistant, and I prefer to act more like the willow tree gently bending in the winds of life.


See there I go again making it sound like I know what I’m doing; that in the spice rack of life I am sage (get it? Get it?  Sage/wisdom/smart)


Sometimes it is a wait and ponder situation, and sometimes when events are moving quickly and you fear you have lost control, just picture yourself in a tiny round silver saucer sleigh, hanging on firmly to the handles flying down the slippery slope of life, eyes closed, waiting to stop and having faith that you will survive the journey.  No point in worrying after all there is more than one way to win a battle, be the victor, skin a cat,…well you get the idea.



27 thoughts on “When Going Gets Tough, The …uh Well I”

  1. You are a sage…I can tell. I would wish that the going never gets tough…but that probably doesn’t happen in real life, does it? I found your blog through Kathy McCullough. I like your writing.

  2. I’m in the same boat as misswhiplash. Jump both feet right in. I have learned with age to sit back and sometimes things will unravel themselves. Now just to find that damn “patience seed” jar and maybe swallow the whole thing 🙂

  3. I am the head strong type..jump in with both feet and then find out that I cannot swim.
    Have just read your post and I must admit that it calmed my brain and made me think that if I leave things alone they may sort themselves out instead of my blundering in and making things worse

    Thank you Chris…

  4. I couldn’t agree more, Chris. Time and life have a way of cutting through all the extraneous – the stuff we can be fooled into thinking is important. Don’t mess with the process…stay outta the way! 😀

  5. Christmas present from a grandson a couple of years ago “When the going gets touch go to Grandma’s”. Unfortunately I have no Grandma to go to…
    As for spices – I think I am tumeric which is used as a preservative according to our friend Wiki.

  6. I once did a list of reasons to procastinate as opposition to “The Tough Get Going” Idea. Thank you for reminding me of this. Cranky Old Lady Post in the making if my aversion to trying to find old stuff doesn’t win out. Used to be easy on old computer, now that I am updated to Word 7 not at all easy. So it goes–messing up what works in the interest of profits says a cranky old lady.

    Stay strong, waiting helps.

  7. OK, I finally finished the book. My head is swimming from it – you need to post your comments on 11/22/63 please!!!!!! Pretty please!

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