Hackers, Scams, and I Think I Love You – please send money

Hackers, Scams, and I Think I Love You – please send money
I have read a couple of blogs lately that have dealt with hackers getting into your email and or Facebook to send messages to your contacts saying they are in trouble, usually on a foreign trip and everything has been stolen and are bereft left with nothing and please send money to help them out.
That got me thinking about dating site scams I have encountered but never fell for.  Ah yes, before your brow crinkles in puzzlement and surprise, I rode that train for awhile.  Two or three yeas as I recall because it wasn’t that long ago.  Anyway I had fun and made a couple of life long friends.
The online chats were pretty good and the people for the most part were decent enough.  What I did find is that most people go on line in hopes of actually meeting someone, but then something changes.  They find a smorgasbord too tempting to resist and then end up becoming serial daters always checking out the next one just in case.
But I digress.  One chap, whose picture was nothing short of gorgeous started a chat.  How charming and refined!  Wealthy.  He lived not too far from me but not too close either.  He seemed quite content to get to know me over time.  He travelled brokering gold and diamonds and as a matter of fact happened to be in Ghana right now but was looking forward to meeting on his return.  He would recount his adventures of the day in detail.  This went on for several days and then the tone of his messages changed.  He felt in his heart and soul that we had something special.  This baffled me because I was content but harbored no great feelings for him.
Then one night he messaged that something had gone wrong with his credit card and his company was trying to get it straightened out but could I please send him money.
Well I read this to the girls in the office, more experienced than I who filled me in, as it were.  I had already told him no anyway.
Within twenty-four hours I get another email from an equally handsome chatee I had been corresponding with who guess what!- had exactly the same situation in exactly the same country.  Well what could I do?
I responded immediately to send me his exact map coordinates and I would send my private jet to retrieve him.  Then alas, I had suddenly realized my jet was on loan to our Prime Minister but I had the perfect solution.  I gave him the name of my other poor love, who happened to be in the same city.  Perhaps they could get together and figure a way out.  This particular scam is called the Nigerian/Ghana Emergency Scan.
Sadly I have to report I have met women, needy and wanting to believe someone could love them that fell for this and sent large amounts of money they could not afford.
There is a link below to an excellent site which discusses all kinds of scams.  Wouldn’t hurt to look them over.  Better to ne prepared!


15 thoughts on “Hackers, Scams, and I Think I Love You – please send money”

  1. I had a client last week who sent money to this guy in Russia (?) she was seeing online and she actually admitted, “Yeah, I know I was stupid to do it, but he was just so damn sexy, you know?”

    Things that make you go “hmm,” eh? It’s crazy how sex sells, but love buys.

    Thanks so much for posting this! You’re so awesome!

  2. Sadly, and in spite of all the warnings we get, some people are still falling for these scams. We have to be more aware, and more vigilant. Emails like this usually go into my Spam, but sometimes one will slip through into my Inbox but I delete it straight away, don’t even read it. You know what they are after.
    Thanks for bringing it to light again Chris, I’m going to share it on FB if I may.

    1. Hi Barb, by all means share away. There are so many scams it’s too bad we can’t do something about them as the law seems not to bother too much with them, I guess because it would take too much work on tjeir part and resources are limited.

  3. Thanks Chris.
    I wrote a post a few days ago about just this – http://growingyoungereachday.wordpress.com/2011/11/20/just-another-scam/. This was an obvious scam but what about that woman who is now in jail in Argentina. She was scammed in a big way and was caught with drugs hidden in her suitcase – http://growingyoungereachday.wordpress.com/2011/06/01/gullible-or-guilty/. We have to be so vigilant these days and I really feel for those who are caught up in the scams. Many send money but some like Sharon Armstrong pay a much higher price.

  4. Predators seem to be able to scent out the vulnerable. Or they hit on ten thousand and if only 1% fall for their scheme, they are laughing all the way to the bank. Be wary, be vigilant, and talk to others about the situation if it arises. Get advice, ask others if they think it is legit!

  5. I’ve resisted so far but its so tempting to play along with some of these and see how far you can torment them. There’s a wonderful blog by a guy who did just that a few years ago. I almost felt sorry for the scammer! Only almost!
    But sad that people really do get taken in by them.

  6. Hey Chris! Oh my gosh they are EVERYWHERE! Sadly we have seen this happen here, to our elderly, just in our small town, to the tune of HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS of dollars. And those are just the ones we can catch. Sadly, there is NO way to get their money back. The lonely, elderly, dementia, folks are being taken to unimaginable amounts. Great post. I hope this post goes WIDE and FAR in pointing this out. No matter how much we talk about it, people are still being taken by it. It is very sad!

  7. Great post, Chris. I have received an “I’m-in-London-send-money” email–not from someone I dated but someone I had seen the day before and knew not to be in London. Hard to imagine folks falling for this. Hope you’re having a great weekend—————

  8. Oh yes.. I have experience with these and others… Would you mnd if I used your theme to write a post about my experience?

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