Canadian Black Friday


Canadian Black Friday

There is no Canadian Black Friday, and really who would want one.  I keep seeing blogs about the horror of it all but obviously there are some dyed-in- the-wool shoppers who actually get a high from the thrill, the challenge, the adventure.

However Canadians do take part – by the bus load, willingly.  Go figure.

If I am going to take part in a large public gathering I want it to be for a blues, jazz, rock, or country band, or.. or…nope cannot think of another thing that would get me out there.

I must say I admire those driven to Black Friday activities but it is admiration from afar. And the further the better.  

So while I sit here all snuggy enjoying yet another fall like winter day I hope everyone gets what they want.  For me, I don’t have a lot, but I cannot think of one thing I need, no matter how cheap or great a deal that would move me from this spot.

Hmmm now I find myself wondering if those brave warriors actually are buying things they need, or is it a contest for bragging rights on who got the best deal?

12 thoughts on “Canadian Black Friday”

    1. There are two stories is that there are so many shoppers buying that the businesses are in the black rather than in the red..the other is that the phrase was coined by police and taxi drivers who had to deal with the hoards of people. Businesses put out huge sales for this day and some shoppers apparently line up in the middle of the night.

  1. Bragging rights in most cases, I suspect. I wouldn’t know, though, as I never go shopping on Black Friday. Oh wait… I did once. Many years ago. My grandmother died and I had to buy clothes for my youngest son to wear to her funeral. That’s about the only sort of thing that might get me shopping on Black Friday.

  2. totally with you on this one. Many years ago I lost my mind – but you already knew that, hee hee – and decided to go to Bramalea Centre on Boxing Day. It took half an hour to find a parking spot and ten minutes inside the mall, I looked at my husband and said “get me out of here”. An experience never to be repeated!!! Can you believe people actually line up overnight for shopping deals?? oh my!

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