11/22/63 The Book


11/22/63 The Book

Today most people are thinking about the approaching Thanksgiving thinking, planning, cooking and getting ready to celebrate with family and friends.  It is my experience that this holiday is primo, better than Christmas, or what ever your major day of the year is.  It’s a day where commercialism has no hold, no gifts except that of appreciation.

Unless you were born prior to 1960 you will not have a memory of the events of 11/22/63.  You know I did not appreciate this fully until a day long ago,when I made a comment about Jack Kennedy and my  sons asked, “Who is Jack Kennedy?”

That got me thinking about perception and the things that shape our world.  Now I don’t mean our world in the broad sense, I mean our personal internal world and all the things or events that help shape who we are, that touch us in some way.

For some of a more current generation it might be 9/11, or the assassination, or….?  For my parents generation who lived through the second world war it may have been an event for that, the Holocaust, the loss of friends, sons, fathers, mothers,…well you get the idea.  For my mother who served in the WRENS in Britain, it was the memory of working in a command center and when a submarine went down off the coast of Britain and while radio contact was maintained there was no way to rescue those men and all she and her people could do was listen to them die.

Stephen King, my greatest inspiration, although I cannot read some of his books, has published 11/22/63 and in that magnificent King way of his has given the events a twist – of course.  What if the assassination could be prevented?

I cannot comment on the story as I have just begun to read it, but it does make me wonder – if we could change the outcomes, would we or even should we?

Our growth as human beings depends on our ability to adapt and learn and move forward.  There comes a time when, I believe, most of reach a point of acceptance, liking who we have become and are comfortable in our own skins even though, by that point our skins seem to hang loosely on out bones.

16 thoughts on “11/22/63 The Book”

  1. Great post, and what an important question to ask. I suppose it’s been asked before, but I hadn’t thought of it in terms of things like the Kennedy assassination or 9/11–that’s new for me.

  2. Thanks Chris. I am in the middle of a post on where were you when? Obviously 22.11.63 features in that.
    The Second World War was 60 plus years ago and so is recent history that should be taught to our young. Alas, I don’t think this is the case here in NZ.
    I shall look out for that book. 🙂

  3. I think this is the power of reading for me. I am young, so young that few notable moments in history have happened before my eyes or in my “time”. Trying to learn about the past through books is my best bet!

  4. Hey lady! I just downloaded this book too, and am only 2 chapters into it but it is riveting – please don’t post spoilers…
    I would like to add a small piece of my soap box to your post. As I watch my little one going through history lessons it is becoming more and more apparent that parents need to educate their children specifically on what was earth shattering within their own circle of life, and the circles of their predecessors. The schools hand pick a few world wide “momentous” occasions and leave out way too many…
    Hope all is well in your new digs 🙂

    1. I agree. History is often taught by pointing to these giant bookmark events in the world’s timeline without much reflection on how it impacted individual people and changed attitudes in the short and long-term.

      1. Someone told me that somewhere in the US they were rewriting history books in school leaving out King’s assassination saying there wasn’t room for it. I don’t know how true that is but it does make me think how our historical events are manipulated.

    2. Hi Rosalyn! Nice to hear from you! Your point about passing on history is true. Someone told me that history was being rewritten in some schools and that,mfor example, the assassination of Martin Luther King was being removed – because there wasn’t enough room????? Digs are good..life is great!!

  5. What terrifies me is that the kids do not know about WW2, kit was a world war. With all the hell that was and all our men lost. Here in the US, they don’t even teach what came before pearl harbour. The Death Camps were not why the US got involved, nor was Hitler. Most of the kids i have spoken to think the US joined the war because Japan bombed Pearl Harbour. frightening loss of info.. c

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