I Marked A Wonderful Day Pakulaked With Fun

I Marked A Wonderful Day Pakulaked With Fun

Did you notice what I did there?  Thanks to Mark…Pakulak of course..who allowed me to do a guest post on his golden site I got to meet and find and subscribe to some major A listers and I had a ball!  Thank you redriverpak.wordpress.com!

Now here comes the tricky part….we absolutely must give Mark his 2 millionth hit on March 15th.  That’s the date I chose and the prize is to be adored by him for one week..and yes his wife is fine with this.  So here is the plan….I’ll watch his stats and if he has not reached it by the Ides of March we must, all do us click ourselves silly.  I am beginning to think he will hit it before The Ides HOWEVER if we miss that one we will do it for the 3 million mark.  I love it when a plan comes together! ( As Hannibal, no not Lecter but the other one on A team says).

I have had some great things happen in my life but I gotta say…this was special!,

Mark..I am glad your surgery has been approved and would like to offer free nursing care for that month..but no I do not do poop patrol..but will be happy to direct!!

14 thoughts on “I Marked A Wonderful Day Pakulaked With Fun”

  1. This was fun! I love the collaboration and the fun you two have shared with us. Not to mention the story its self. I believe LOL is used to often, but I literally did!

    1. Okay Kathy heres the deal…when your date arrives if you are within a thousand I will get people clicking like crazy..do you think Mark will believe there is a plot afoot??? Afoot..how funny considering his upcoming surgery..oh the mirth that abounds here!

  2. I’m so glad you had fun Chris! I told you that your post would be a hit! I am glad you have picked up some new blog buddies as well. All your fellow Harem ladies are all real special and unique people. So…..no poop patrol huh? drat! Oh well….I guess I can ring my bell for an annoyingly long period of time while yelling “CHRIS!!!! I’M READY FOR ANOTHER SPONGE BATH!!!!”……. how would that be? ha ha 🙂

    1. See ..now that seems like fun..I shall enlist the mailman, the gardener, the paper boy..you will be bathed until you can stand it no longer…you will dream of sponges…mostly Sponge Bob Squarepants…oh this will be such fun!!!!

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