Has November 16th Ever Been So Important?

Has November 16th Ever been So Important?

I’ve heard that once in a great while miracles occur.  Tomorrow Mark  Pakulak who is, as far as I am concerned The King ( sorry Elvis) is doing a guest post…mine.  I have to admit I have no idea what this means except that Mark, Idiot as he claims to be, is recognizing me…the girl on the mountain, who just met my 10,000th hit whereas he is looking at his 2 millionth – is that a word?.  I am befuddled, astir with excitement, flushed even.

I have mentioned before how much I adore this man for his bravery and courage, and downright silly humor.  He is the Jack Benny, the Bob Hope, the Jerry Seinfeld, the Jimmy Fallon, the Jay Leno of my life.

I don’t want to seem maudlin but damn that man knows how to write and he stirs my soul as he does for so many.  He does have a harem of which I am one.

Please do me a favor folks and check into redriverpak.wordpress.com not just for my post but for the best fun you can ever have.  This guy is amazing. Now please keep in mind that I have a bet on that he will reach his 2 millionth view on March 15th..you know the Ides of March and all that so if he has not made his 2 by then please click in and help me win.  I cannot imagine being adored for one week by none other than The Idiot..so do give me a hand..

6 thoughts on “Has November 16th Ever Been So Important?”

  1. Mark is a fun read, and a really good guy. I enjoy his blog and blogging acquaintance. I also really enjoyed reading your post there this morning. Excellent. I was born in 1957, so I’m not too far off from you. You had me at “the three television stations.”

  2. Thanks so much Chris! It is me that is honored to have YOU guest on my blog! So just we are on the same page about that! Your post is awesome, not surprising coming from such a great lady!

    The Idiot
    and Jack

    Sounds like an Alabama Banjo Team…… 🙂

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