Life’s Straight Course vs The Roller Coaster

I would never ever, even if begged, bribed, or coerced ride a real roller coaster.  I don’t doubt the safety but wonder if my heart would just stop mid ride but I have habitually ridden those rickety tracks in life, living with passion and energy, embracing the highs and philosophizing my way through the lows, mostly with a ‘this too shall pass’ attitude.

I love feeling the thrill, the joy, the superman of it all but I find with advancing age that I now feel if I want this engine to keep running I had better slow my life to a more consistent speed.  Hmmm slow is the wrong word because I am not slowing, just attempting to keep things at a more constant rate with less revving and down shifting (is that the right term?) guaranteeing a smoother longer ride.  That’s the smart way…right?

Now who am I kidding……I am just feeling a little tired tonight and know that when the morrow dawns my current quiet joy is going to blossom, rev, and ride again!

Sweet energizing dreams all!

19 thoughts on “Life’s Straight Course vs The Roller Coaster”

  1. I’ll take the roller coaster over the ferris wheel. I don’t like slow, creeping rides to the top remembering that this wheel was assembled by humans who may have missed a few pieces.
    On the roller coaster, who has time to think? I just get right into the ride!

    Don’t try this at home…!! 😀

  2. Hy kids talked me into riding the Dragon Coaster at our local amusment park. I thought I had died and was on my way to H—. When the ride ended, they ran to get in line again, I jelly-legged it to a bench and it took me an hour to breathe normally again. Life has enough ups and downs and turns and twists without inflicting roller coaster rides on yourself. Stay strong.

  3. Chris…you need to go out and buy yourself a huge bag of Skittles than you can munch on in times like this…… Trust me, it will do wonders…… 🙂

  4. I’ve found that as I get older I have definitely slowed down, but that isn’t necessarily a bad thing. All haste and speed to the young who still have the power and muscle to move mountains the hard way. I’ll use my elderly wisdom to direct them. lol.

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