It was a day of no specific consequence other than the business of daily living, laughing and just plain old surviving until it dawned that revelatory stats on WordPress.com …uh…revealed an opportunity to match 2 milestones; post number 200 coinciding with my site’s 10,000th hit.  I had control of the number of posts but none over the number of hits.

Most of you will not believe this or will at least look askance at this next bit of information but I am a pretty shy person…okay two minutes to ROFLAO but that’s it…now really it’s a well kept secret because I pretend not to be shy. I know, I know…I have been admittedly brazen and / or brash on occasion but but but….

Anyway regardless of my natural nature I just had to reach 10,000 views so I cautiously stepped out of my shy pod to send out a request to everyone I could reach so….I posted my plea on Facebook and then sent an email to as many contacts I had, which given my shy nature (remember) is not a long list but is a valuable list.

Now here is the Amazing Part:
I posted that I needed 77 hits and received 153 which by the way is an all time new one day total.

What took it from a day in November to an early Christmas or Birthday gift?  The numbers..yes and ..the comments!

The very first comment came minutes after posting from my friend Mary on Facebook.  The Delightful Divine Ms. M. has come to my rescue more than once, (once having driven to a little berg in the middle night to pick myself and belongings following the breakup with one of those kissing frogs and giving me tea and sympathy and a roof over my head!…ooo so long ago…yikes).  The point is..we may not see each other often but my friend Mary saves me and was the first to respond!

Mark, who is not, but who writes under the moniker ‘TheIdiotSpeaketh’ at redriverpak.wordpress.com  was most kind.
“Congrats Chris! I see you have raced past the 10,000 views mark….. I undoubtedly was, in fact, the 10,000th visitor, without a doubt…… what did I win? Is there a prize?….or cake? I was told there would be cake….. where’s the dang cake?…….come on now….cough up the cake Chris! ……. Seriously, congrats and wishing you continued blogging success”

This Texas gent who has my upmost respect for his work and readership actually was enthusiastic about my small achievement.(To put it in perspective he hits 100,000 or so a month..yup all those zeros are accurate…it’s sort of like some big star encouraging a protégée forward. )  NOW all you age thinkers who know our true age disparity and who would prefer to think of Mr. Pakulak helping an old lady across the road instead of protogeeing just step back.

Judith, my New Zealand blogging friend and often inspiration at “growingyoungereachday.wordpress.com” is also being kind.  We have been blogging about the same time and she is a beacon I follow.
‘Greetings lovely princess and congratulations on 10,000 hits.’

Crowing Crone Joss is my cohort and an amazing blogging and author and poet!
“congrats oh magnificent princess!”

Souldipper is a west coast delight who so makes me want to move to The Island and share her experiences.
‘Congrats, Your Royal Highness. May your realm continue to grow in leaps and bounds. Or…is that what you want the frog to do? Whatever…progress, not perfection! ‘

Cecilia has an amazing site who makes me feel…yes it can be done!
“Awesome! and so many hits, you must be doing something right, Princess! 

Katherine Gordy Levine at emotfit.wordpress.com is always informative and supportive and very complimentary although the envy is often reversed.
“Step by step, hour by hour, keep moving forward. You always turn my skin frog green with envy when I read your posts. You write girl as they would say on the streets of Harlem.”

Sister Act
What can I say?  She is my sister and my best friend! 
“You always make me pause to think Thank you”

sister act
“excellent I always enjoy your writing”

sister act
“you are so right all them frogs one must be a prince. youd think. Thank you for a nice thought”

So thank you all who read and all who commented..you sure made this one nice day!

15 thoughts on “200+10,066=Amazing!”

  1. Congratulations! Were I not woefully behind on blog reading, I would have BROUGHT the cake go such an auspicious event!

  2. There ya go, you made it. And any time you want to come to my island, put on your hiking boots and get here ready to walk and loll! (Remember when it used to be rock and roll?!:D )

  3. Congratulations Chris. I have said many times that I enjoy your blog and many times it gives me an idea for mine. So thanks once again and thanks for the beacon comment. 🙂

  4. Congratulations on your fine numbers! 🙂

    I am shy too. Hence the lack of comments. For some reason I am better at babbling on my own blog than I am in comments, although I do try. And once I get over that initial shyness, you’ll find my babbling away in your comments as I make myself at home and practically move in. Someone once wanted to charge me rent for taking up so much comment space. lol! I’ve since learned that if the comment is going to be that long, I should write a post about it instead.

  5. Agree IdiotSpeaketh, Chris is a goofy girl, but isn’t that part of her appeal. Chris, I think of myself as shy, but was on Oprah, only as an expert in the audience, but still; did lots of other tv and radio shows without turning a hair or quivering in my boots. Loved it. Part of deafness is having to give up that part of my life. I do think of myself as shy- Why–the panic that visits me when I walk into a social gathering and am expected to make small talk. Stupid isn’t it.

    I have decided I am not shy, but multi-faceted and very good at speaking to large crowds who are hoping for a few words of wisdom which I occasionally deliver.

    Misswhiplash, I have sort of given up a bit on stats also. I so want to go viral for my Emotional Fitness Training stuff but my business motto is Make Money Doing Good and the business does me good and I think does the same for others now and again, so I too don’t fret a kit over stats. I was happy when word press said I had reached 1000 post. Following Chris’ post did check hits. Over 8000, so quelled my fears that absolutely no one read my efforts.

    I want to know, however, how to read all the great blogs out there and still have time to write. Any tips Chris? anyone? Staying strong. and afraid to peek at what the Idiot has to say, because I have decided my novel will be published (by me) on my 75th birthday which is in March of next year.

    Peace all and stay strong.

    1. Katherine, that is awesome about your novel! That will be an awesome Bday gift to yourself. You have a great day! 🙂

  6. Chris…you goofy gal…… I would never equate anything to do with you in the same context as helping an old lady across the road…… 🙂 I would prefer to think of it as helping a beautiful hot mama across the road….not that she would need any help crossing the road….but figuring it would be cool for me to be seen walking across the road with the hot mama…… ya get my drift? 🙂

  7. Congratulations Chris! Well done m’dear… you deserve to reach your goal!
    At one time I was obssessed (too many s’s) with my Stats figures up, down , down and up I never knew where I was going, but I have found just lately that although they fluctuate I do not worry about it anymore. I just write to please myself and those who wish to read me…

    I still have one eye on the figures though!

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