Cussler, Koontz and Stockett

I bought three books today guaranteeing some fine weekend reading as winter’s certain
arrival is heralded first by the cold dank grey blanket of wind, rain, soggy spongy lawns, and sunless skies.  It’s a good day for fireside, tea and a lacing of chocolate or brandy depending on your preference – perhaps both.

Clive Cussler

The first book, alphabetically, but not the first to read is by Clive Cussler and his son
Dirk Cussler called Crescent Dawn.  I sincerely hope I have not read it yet but there is a chance.  My friends and I read a lot of Cussler and books are passed around the group with such speed it may turn out to be an old friend perfect for a revisit.  I don’t
mind as Cussler is always suspenseful and enjoyable and really if my memory has
to go in some area this is a perfectly pleasant plot filled deficiency I can live with.

Cussler is an interesting man whose real life is laced with adventure and who enhances
extra intrigue as he weaves mystery and suspense throughout his novels.  He is the founder and chairman of NUMA (National Underwater and Marine Agency) and NUMA is a frequent part, and very often the center of most of his books.
As an underwater explorer he has discovered more than sixty shipwreck sites.  His characters from one series frequently show up in others as Clive Cussler himself does also and blend seamlessly with the story line. Dirk Pitt, Juan Cabrillo and Isaac Bell capture
my undivided attention every time.

Cusslerwrites fiction and non-fiction and regardless of your preference you are
guaranteed to learn facts of great interest. * I saw the movie Sahara that
Matthew McConaughey starred in as Dirk Pitt and thought he was great but I did
hear that Cussler was not pleased with the portrayal but I thought it was
perfect – although it could have been the abs I guess.

Dean Koontz

Dean Koontz, whom I may have mentioned the odd time previously is author of my second purchase today; ‘what the night knows’ all lower case.  My addiction to Koontz started back in ’92 and what this man can portray in a single sentence is mind boggling.  It was his book ‘Winter Moon’ that started with the best first line ever (that I wrote about in a previous post), ‘Death was driving and emerald green Lexus.’
When I first found Koontz I carried a book everywhere and read at stop
lights, in elevators, as  matter of fact I think I would line up for anything just for the opportunity to read.  I would circle paragraphs or sentences and try to determine how particular words evoked a sentiment so deeply and thoroughly.  I sent Dean a fan letter
several years ago in which I described my addiction and started it by saying
that like most addicts I might not be able to tell him the exact time but I
could tell him exactly how it felt.  It was quite a brilliant letter I think and I got a typical printed response but at the bottom where his signature was he jotted a hand written note telling me how much he enjoyed the humor and wit of my letter.  He is such a prolific writer that I could not possibly begin to list my favs.  There is
one hard cover I have kept and reread for years and that is, ‘Lightning’.

The Help

My third purchase is Kathryn Stockett’s ‘The Help’ and I sincerely hope it is a good as everyone says and that all the rave reviews from friends are true and not just
fashionable hype.  I will have to let you know on that one.  I did not see the movie preferring to get the depth of the written word first.


Well I would love to go on and on and on but I am being harassed by three very loud  voices all calling….’Me first! Me first!


14 thoughts on “Cussler, Koontz and Stockett”

  1. It is supposed to be summer here but nobody told the powers that be so book reading will figure in my life for some days/weeks yet. I love Cussler snr but haven’t read the son, Dean Koontz has been a firm favourite and I read The Help when it first came out. I also saw the movie. So sit back and enjoy yourself with these three good books. 😀

    1. Thanks Judith..I haven’t been able to enjoy this Koontz book but am reading Cussler and saving The Help til the last! Hope your weather improves…the last couple of days have actually been like summer here..which I don’t remember ever seeing before…it was 16 yesterday…but cooling quickly today.

  2. I love Cussler, and like you, have read some of his books more than once. He spins an interesting tale for sure. Dean Koontz I’ve only read a couple of and I resisted picking up a copy of “The Help” just because everyone’s talking about it………….and I have to be contrary, ya know!
    have a great few days curled up and reading. woo hoo. best way to spend a day………or two……..or three.

    1. Thanks Joss…this Koontz book is not appealing right now..tried several times to get into it so am now with Clive….its so funny about being contrary because I am exactly the same way and for the first time ever am trying to be ‘open minded’ and embracing the ‘everyone’ of it LOL

    1. I read the book really fast first – usually within 12 hours..if it is good then I reread more slowly to savour it..makes me feel like I am not wasting my time…but I guess I am LOL…I just pretend to be a speed reader and it seems to work…it’s the old ‘fake it til you make it’ 🙂

  3. Loved “The Help”. It reminded me of my small town when I was growing up. Born in Mexico City, with Mexican citizenship, I could totally identify with Skeeter who knew there was a greater, bigger world outside of Jackson. It inspired me to write “Uncle Jack” back in August when the movie came out. You have some wonderful reads ahead of you. So jealous as I spend more time grading papers than reading right now.

  4. Nothing like some good winter weather to bring out our love of reading. I’ve read The Help but not the other two and might check them out. Somehow my book reading has slowed now that I have great blogs to read 🙂

    1. I know…there are so many interesting blogs it does slow down the reading….and to make it worse the temptation is there to keep reading more and more blogs…but we could never read all of them even if we wanted to…..

  5. Your blog makes me sad that I don’t have as much time to read as I used to. I, too, used to be hooked on Koonz! Sounds like you’ve picked the perfect books for the season – enjoy!

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