Big People

Big People

Almost every weekend I journey from Hamilton, where you may remember I am Queen and Granny Nanny privileged to be a daily part of G1 and G2’s life in a wonderful world of excitement, imagination and adventure filled with giggles, laughter and an occasional time out.  It is the most loving environment where I sometimes learn more than I teach….hmm truth be told more than sometimes.

I used to wonder if I had the energy and found I do and when tiredness sets in at the end of the day it us well earned and treasured.  My return to Kitchener for one or two nights is the chance to catch up with my best friends, otherwise known as Sister Act and SIL and other family and friends.

Friday night is typically dinner at our neighborhood fav eating spot Crabby Joe’s, where everyone knows your name or at least our names.  The gathering may be small or large depending on commitments and the next morning it is breakfast with more of the same congenial merry makers.

Kitchener and Waterloo are hot spots with lots of exciting things going on, great clubs, entertainment even dancing for those so inclined…at least that’s what I have heard. My days are usually spent puttering along and it occurred to me this evening as I looked around at Sister Act deep into a book, and me. curled up with my book that this is a pretty nice life.

Then I started to giggle, infectiously enough for my sis to start laughing although she had no idea what the joke was.  Finally she stopped and looked to me for an explanation.  “Well I said between chuckles, do you realize how tame our life is?  We joke, eat, drink and go to bed by nine most nights I visit?”

Yeah that’s what we enjoy.  Mind you we get all excited when an actual evening occurs.  When her staff Christmas Party comes up or some other evening event we are thrilled because, and are you ready for it?  We then comment on the fact that, “Tonight we actually get to stay up late, like big people!

My sister has noted that my shower singing songs that ring out each morning haves changed.  Without my realizing it my repertoire now imcludes the oldies but goodies; ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXY and Z, I’m picking up my baby bumblebee….and….I’m a little teapot….hmmmmmmmm.

9 thoughts on “Big People”

  1. We are among the privileged few to share some of our grandchildren’s lives. Can you add ‘Heads and shoulders knees and toes’ to your shower singing repertoire? 🙂

  2. you will always be young in heart in spirit and mostly in love . one are one of a kind and a blessing to all of us

  3. Oh my gosh how could I have forgottten “I’m picking up my baby bumblebee”!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you for that throw back! Being with the, and acting like the, big people is okay on occasion but the little people do have the best songs and the best kind of energy! 🙂

  4. Aren’t we among the luckiest people? You even get to go back to a former home, my one complaint about moving across the Great Plains, the friends and family I left behind.

    David and I have resurrected Old MacDonald, Inky Dinky Spider, the ABC song and because feeding time is spent with Ben and I both learning sign language and those are on the signing tape we have sing alongs.

    Aren’t grandchildren absolutely the best?

    Stay strong.

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